Stop Hate Speech

Stop Hate Speech
David Schlecht

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Michele Bachmann has been on a rant demonizing the American Census for a long time now and her followers are adding even more hate to the fire.

Just a couple days ago a Census worker was murdered in a grisly display of hatred.

No one really denies that there is a connection between the hate speech and the hate crimes, well, no one but the guilty. The rest of America know that it is cause and effect of too much hate speech.

Last year there were three murders of “liberals” by the weak-minded reading the hate speech of O’Reily, Hanity, and, Limbaugh.

When will America wake up and start enforcing our laws against hate speech? Had we enforced the laws when the crimes were committed last year, and the hate speech was addressed, then Bachmann would either have toned down her hate or gone to prison for it. Either way, there would have been one less hate crime.

It’s time to put hate speech in it place, in prison.

Update: There is evidence to believe that this grisly murder may have been a suicide. Does removing the one case from the discussion change the need for reform?

4 thoughts on “Stop Hate Speech”

  1. Say huh? Freedom of speech means free to say what we want. Don’t start down the slippery slope of censuring speech.

  2. Yelling fire in a theater is the same concept of yelling “kill the census workers” when people are dying. It is time we got serious about protecting our people as much as we protect our speech.

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