The Newspaper Fiasco

The Newspaper Fiasco
David Schlecht

We’ve reported in prior posts regarding the encroaching corporate bias in our local papers as they are gobbled up by the national and international media companies. Now even the national media outlets are losing money on local papers. What can a free country do without a free press?

Many of our country’s founding assumptions are based on the principle of a free press and there have been numerous articles written about the subject by or founding fathers. The idea of a free press has grown to include free media which includes radio, television, and now the Internet.

I think that by chunking up to the larger issue of free media, we are risking losing track of the fundamental that our forefathers were so concerned over. A free media is great but it’s not nearly as important as a free local press. Remember, back in the days of 1776, when our country was new, all press was local. The idea of a free press only meant local press.

Now that we have allowed our local free press to be gobbled up by greedy national corporations, we’ve abandoned the concerns our forefathers were so explicitly warning about.

All communities need local new reporters and local journalists and local papers. It’s time for us to put our tax dollars into our local news papers and bring back local investigating and local news.

But, you say that dead-tree press is already obsolete. You’re right, but there are plenty of people who can only afford a dead-tree newspaper and this will always be true. I know enough people who do not have Internet access and don’t get the new fandangled phone message news and the new fandangled, what-ever-comes-next. There will always be people who need access to the cheapest form of news. We can’t abandon those papers.

Should we use our tax dollars to ensure a free local press? Take the poll.

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2 thoughts on “The Newspaper Fiasco”

  1. Our local paper, owned by the mega-corporation Ganet, is so biased and vile that I don’t want to see any money spent on their behalf. Now, if you’re talking about providing some funds so a truly local company can compete, bring it on.

  2. I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who comment on this site. It is always nice to get feedback, even if it’s not all positive. A hearty thank you and keep up the good work, everyone.

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