What’s Next for the Healthcare Bill

What’s Next for the Healthcare Bill
David Schlecht

By now, everyone paying attention to the bill knows that the one coming from the Senate failed the two attempts to include public options. Everyone knows that a plan like Baucus put together would be a disaster for America but a big payoff (reimbursement) to the health insurance industry.

So, where does it go from here and what should we be doing?

Nobody really thought that Baucus would deliver anything of any value to the American voter so the sooner we can get his worthless bill out of the Senate, the sooner we can start the reconciliation process. The next step is for Reid and Pelosi to reconcile the two versions of the bill and come up with a single plan that is then ratified by the House and Senate.

We need to all be calling Reid and Pelosi every day and letting them know we demand a strong universal public option. It’s sad to say, but Congress has demonstrated their ignorance as to the importance of this bill. If they fail to pass a meaningful bill the Democratic voters will refuse to re-elect them. We could see a huge turnover in the Democratic party if they fail this test. I for one will refuse to vote for a single Democratic incumbent if they can’t get this through.

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