Ensign Supports Halliburton vs Rape Victim

Ensign Supports Halliburton vs Rape Victim
David Schlecht

No wonder Nevada is so disgusted with Ensign. He’s a true blemish on Nevada.

Today he decided that it was more important for a multi-billion dollar defence contractor to be immune from prosecution than it was for a female employee to be safe working for them.

Today, Ensign voted to allow Halliburton to continue to harass and threaten a victim of gang rape perpetrated by Halliburton employees and continue to get billions of dollars in contracts from our government.

This man has no morals, but he obviously has no shame either.

Ensign, be gone!

And, on tonight’s TV Ensign had ads defending his siding with the health insurance industry and againsgt Nevadans as being good because he’s protecting Medicare. What a liar. What a sleaze. What a typical Republican.

Be gone!

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  1. When it comes time to thank God, I’m always thankful he’s not my senator. Poor Nevada.

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