Hannity’s Big Trickle

Hannity’s Big Trickle
David Schlecht

I was watching Hannity and Michael Moore discussing “Us vs Them” today and Hannity was trying to convince Moore that Moore is really one of Hannity’s crowd and not part of the rabble. Moore asked him if he repaid society for his riches, and Hannity replied, hey, we contribute. The whole defense was along the line of, hey, we trickle down a drip or two to the undeserving lazy rabble.

That’s the whole problem with the ultra rich. They refuse to admit that they are using a disproportionate amount of the commons that the middle class and poor pay a disproportionate share to provide. The rich are really living off the welfare that the rest of us provide for them. If it wasn’t for the wonderful country that the middle class and poor provide through our maximum 35% taxes those lazy rich people paying only 15% wouldn’t have any money at all. The rich owe everything to this country that allows them to amass huge sums of money.

It’s not charity, but they should be repaying 90-99% of their riches to the society that is making them so rich.

Trickle down on the rabble, Mr. Hannity. It’s time for the rest of us to quit paying your way in life. Pay us back for the wonderful country we are providing to you.

2 thoughts on “Hannity’s Big Trickle”

  1. I think it’s just too easy for the rich to think they’re anointed by God to be rich and it is a sin to pay back your obligations. You know what Jesus says about the rich?

  2. Hannity has always been a buffoon. No surprise.

    I’m anxious to see Moore’s new film.

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