Obama’s Vietnam

Obama’s Vietnam
David Schlecht

What are we doing still mired down in Afghanistan?

This misbegotten war must be wearing like a stone around Obama’s neck. How can he possibly get us out with all the Republicans voting to keep us there and keep our young men and women dying in the dusty fields of Afghanistan? He has to be so careful about what Limbaugh or Beck will say that his options are limited. Thank you Republicans. When will you start to constrain your kooks?

Sure, you may say Bush got is into this mess. Of course, you should also be wondering why. It wasn’t Afghanistan that attacked us on 9/11. The criminals were mostly from Saudi Arabia. The master mind was not Bin Laden. They weren’t trained in Afghanistan, but in flight schools in Florida. In fact, almost any country would have made more sense to invade than does Afghanistan. But, still, Bush got us in here and Obama hasn’t gotten us out yet.

Here, it has been almost nine months in office, and Obama still has no clue how he’s going to get us out. And, surprise, our military industrial complex is clambering form more money and more troops. For Pete’s sake, what else would you ever expect them to say? I mean really! What else would you ever expect them to say? But, still, after almost a full year, Obama has no clue.

In four years, they’ll still be asking for more troops and more money, and Obama will fully own this mess. There is no military solution to this war any more than there was a military solution to Vietnam or any more than there is a military solution to Iraq. The surge didn’t help, regardless of what the always-been-wrong conservative pundits say. And that country is on the brink of collapse.

The only solution to middle east hatred of America is to stop exporting wars and war material in the middle east and stop propping up corrupt puppet governments, like Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, and more. We consider that region to be strategically important. Why? Because they have oil that we want. We are paying with our dollars and the lives of our loved ones to protect the oil industry and their sources and shipping lines.

Ask yourself how you would feel if the roles were reversed? If a foreign power was constantly starting wars in our part of the world, and constantly selling weapons to our neighbors and constantly propping up authoritarian governments all around us. We would be fighting mad. You know it.

So what’s the solution? Shut down our military industrial complex, start supporting and encouraging free elections, even if we don’t get our favorite candidate, and start contributing as much to the reconstruction of the underprivileged countries as the rest of the world does. Do you realize that America donates the lowest per capita of all the major countries in the world. Fully last place. Is there really any wonder why so many people hate us?

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