Diversions and Deception

Diversions and Deception
Captain Jack

America has two major political parties and one is trying to address issues that pertain to all Americans and the other is trying hard to distract us from the important issues that affect all of us and lure us away with issues that divide us. Can you tell which party is which? Tell me, what is important to you and and your fellow Americans and what is your party’s position on the issue?

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5 thoughts on “Diversions and Deception”

  1. Good way to separate the two parties. One is always pointing away from what is import and at wedge issues like abortion or church and state issues and Obama’s birth certificate or whether he deserved the Peace Prize. That party of diversion is obviously the Republican party.

  2. This is such an obvious issue, why even bother? The Republicans know their party relies on their fears, weaknesses and stupidity. It’s the party of weakness.

    1. Well that has got to be about the dumbest comment I’ve read. Why not dazzle us with your superior intelligence by adding a few links to support you bias? Most major business owners are Republican. In other words, the smart are typically success in business and are Republicans.

    2. A successful business owner does not mean smarter but it would logically follow that it means short on morals and ethics. To be competitive means to be working in the gray areas. Billion dollar health insurance companies aren’t smarter, just missing the ethics gene that the rest of us have.

      Just ask a typical birther if they’re a Republican if you don’t believe the party is playing on their stupidity. Ask a typical tea bagger which party has NEVER introduced legislation that succeeded in helping the typical American and they are ignorant to the fact that it’s their party. You have to be blind to not see it. Blind I say.

  3. What about the diversion of ACORN? Who is trying to make this into something? Have you ever watched to see what Congress discusses in a typical day? It’s awful that we pay them more than minimum wage. The Republicans are trying to pass bills demanding that Obama produce a birth certificate but Democrats are busy passing bills that say we should be more touchy feely with this country or that. We have a sick and broken system but none of them want to admit it or fix it.

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