The Ozone Depletion Emergency, Then and Now

The Ozone Depletion Emergency, Then and Now
David Schlecht

Do you remember how successful America was at helping prevent the disaster of the CFCs destroying our ozone layer? If you don’t, you should look it up. If we hadn’t acted promptly, we would, today, be suffering huge cancer rates, and the destruction of huge numbers of species, many which we rely on. We averted a disaster.

How is this different from our current disaster, carbon dioxide poisoning? Why wasn’t the CFC industry successful at lying to us about the problem? Why weren’t they able to get huge percentages of otherwise intelligent Americans to defend their destructive ways?

One thing!

The CFC industry didn’t invest billions of dollars in mis-information campaigns and so the Republicans didn’t have a cause to defend.

Today’s emergency is no less an emergency but America is dragging her feet to address it. Why? It’s obviously because two of the richest industries , the oil and the gas industries have united to pump billions of dollars into lies spewed in all manners, on your TV by way of ads, on your TV by way of so-called experts, on your radio, in your news paper, and more than anything you can see this mis-information campaign controlling our elected representatives.

One political party rushes to the defense of this destruction and one opposes it. I bet you can’t guess which party is which. And, as a side note, what does that say about the gullibility of that party? I guess some people were just born to follow along, mindlessly defending the destruction of their own world.