Dirty Little Lies Corporate America Doesn’t Want You to Know

Dirty Little Lies Corporate America Doesn’t Want You to Know
David Schlecht

How many dirty little lies do you know that corporate America wishes you didn’t? Here are a few to get you thinking. I’m sure you know many that most do not.

Lie #1: America spends money on important things.

Wrong! Half of our federal budget goes to the military. Now, ask yourself, is the military really worth as much as everything else combined? But, don’t forget, we can’t afford a couple billion for national health care. So where does all this money go? Well, it goes into building bigger and better weapons, of course. Remember the planes that the military doesn’t want but Congress is voting for anyway?

Lie #2: America exports lots of things.

Wrong! War is America’s largest export. Of all the things that we could be exporting, you know, like Cuba is exporting doctors, of all the things we could be exporting, death is our number one. Death, war, military might. The military industrial complex is raking in billions of dollars while the rest of the economy crumbles.

Lie #3: Conserve, reuse, recycle to save the planet.

Wrong again! If every home in America immediately swapped all their light bulbs out for the more toxic florescent bulbs, it wouldn’t reduce our energy consumption more than 1%. If every household in America recycled all their metal, plastic, paper, and glass, it wouldn’t amount to more than a 1% reduction. So, where is all the waste? It’s coming from corporate America.

Do you realize how much it costs to produce, package, ship, market, and sell all the stuff you recycle? It takes more than the little bit you see when you throw out the box.

Lie #4: America’s forefathers fought for a free and unregulated market.

What a lie! Our forefathers feared businesses and families getting so rich and strong that they corrupt government. That is why for most of America’s history, the tax on the very rich ranged between 72% and 91%. Up until the Reagan era, corporate America paid more than a third of the country’s taxes. Now it’s 7% and some, like Goldman Sachs, are only paying 1% in taxes. How much do you pay? Are you tired of letting the corporations and the ultra-wealthy plunder our country for free?

Shouldn’t there be some restrictions? Shouldn’t they be paying their fair share?

Okay, your turn, what dirty little secrets have I overlooked?