The Fringe Far Left

The Fringe Far Left
David Schlecht

Our news media is failing us in so many ways, so let’s take a small example and try to set the record straight. What is the “Far Left”?

Due to the gross failure of our corporate news, most people think that anyone who supports the concept of helping our neighbors is a fringe far leftie, a true socialist or maybe even a Fascist.

In other words, the media has us thinking that anything other than conservative agenda items must be fringe left, not moderate or left, but fringe far left.

Let me reset the balance for you to something a little more fair and balanced. At the extremes, the fringe far left could be (and used to be) interpreted as government where everything is shared amongst the people. That would be Communism. The opposite of this would be the fringe far right which would be a government where the people own nothing and everything is owned by aristocrats or big businesses (yes, they are one in the same). The name for the fringe far right is Fascism, the take-over of the government by big businesses and the ultra-wealthy.

Try as you might, you will not be able to find a true Communist in the Democratic party. In other words, we do not see the fringe far left in this country. There just isn’t one.

On the other side of the scale, many on the right are pursuing a truly Fascist agenda, trying to remove all restrictions on the rich corporations and redistributing the wealth from the middle class to the ultra-rich. They are owned by big business. This agenda is truly and purely Fascism.

You may question if the right is really as fringe far right as it seems. Ask yourself, what could the Republican politicans possibly do that is any further right. The only thing they could do is say, let’s give all the money to the rich. Obviously they can’t say that out loud so they must just pursue the change in the laws that make it happen while telling us it’s for our own good, like tax cuts for the wealthy. “That’s good for us too, because some day we would like to be wealthy.”

So how about the people on the left, could they be more left? Could they actually be passing laws to split the corporations up into communes? Of course they could if they were far left. Are they passing laws that take over non-commons industries?

They obviously could but nobody is. Regardless of what the conservative media is saying, no businesses have been converted to community control. However, there certainly should be some. Anything related to our commons is too important to leave in the hands of predatory capitalism. America’s founding fathers agreed with that so, I guess that makes them more left wing that the current conservatives.

What the corporate media is describing as far wing left is really not as far left as America’s founding fathers.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Who would be lying to us about what’s far left and why?
  2. Why would anyone believe the liars?
  3. Since the top 1% of the richest Americans own 90% of America’s wealth (and most of the government), aren’t we already Fascist? Can it really get any further fringe right than this and not collapse? (Oh, wait, it is collapsing.)