Small Government

Small Government
David Schlecht

You hear so many conservatives and libertarians chanting for smaller and smaller government. In other words, less and less of “we the people”. Sad.

So what if we actually were foolish enough to listen to them.

If you think that big business already has too much control over our government, imagine what would happen if “we the people” were even weaker than we are now. There would be no stopping these tyrants and gluttons.

Weaker government means stronger corporations.

5 thoughts on “Small Government”

  1. Why doesn’t anyone say anything about how the middle class started crumbling at the same time we started striving for a smaller government.

  2. We need a strong government to protect us from the government that big business now owns. It’s all wrong.

  3. Funny, the two things that can help protect the people from the big corporations is a strong government and trial lawyers and these are the two things the Republicans are the most opposed to. Wonder why? Ha.

  4. If we would all just let the poor misunderstood corporations have their way, we would all be so much better off. They wouldn’t take advantage of a weak government. Look at how they aren’t trying to steamroll our government now that it’s as weak as it is. Yes, indeedy, trust ’em.

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