Abortion and National Health Care

Abortion and National Health Care
David Schlecht

Like it or not, all of us paying taxes in America pay something to things we don’t agree with. Count on it!

Some people don’t like money going to pay for white people, some don’t like money being spent on black or brown or yellow or polka-dotted people, some don’t like money being spent on defense, some people want to live in a third world country and don’t want to pay taxes at all or want a small government.

The argument that you don’t like your tax money being spent to provide safe and legal abortions is no different than the rest. Just because you would prefer women have to get abortions in the back alley butcher clinics doesn’t mean the rest of America is that backwards. The rest of America does not want America to be a third world country.

We’ve discussed the thorny issue of abortion, here, in the past, but this is getting worse rather than better.

A handful of America’s third world country representatives have introduced an amendment to the new national health care bill to prevent safe abortions, and many spineless democrats went along with them. This is criminal. For all those who voted for it or who hoped for it, perhaps you all should see your family members raped and have no recourse but to raise the rapists children, or to see your daughters die at the hands of some back alley clinic.

Now, I realize that this may sound harsh, but it’s no more harsh than wanting to deny abortion services to those who need it.

We have a serious sickness in American politics and it’s destroying our great country. If we can’t get the kooks out of our politics, we don’t have a future as a country.

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