The Free Market Zombie Walks

The Free Market Zombie Walks
David Schlecht

Having almost created the second Republican Great Depression, the conservatives are still chanting about how if we had only kept the gas pedal to the floor, we wouldn’t have hit this brick wall. They’re still refusing to admit they almost destroyed this country for a second time. If they never learn they will continue to make the same mistake and as long as America makes the mistake of voting for them, they’ll get what they deserve.

How can anyone really believe the foolishness? I mean really. We remove the safeguards put in place after the last great depression and almost plunge ourselves back into a new one and some people still believe the talking heads that it’s because we didn’t deregulate hard enough or because we took our foot off the gas too soon.

It just goes to show that many people will believe about anything. Take global warming as an example. Anyone who has flown in an airplane in the past ten years knows that the entire sky around the earth is now milky white with carbon. You used to be able to see clear skies all the way to the horizon in a plane. Now it’s all just a sickening haze, and some people just refuse to acknowledge it.

The corporations like American workers competing with China’s slave labor because it makes them rich. So what if it’s destroying America? So what if it destroys our economy, they’ll have their billions. And some people still listen to them and join tea parties to help protect corporate profits. Go figure.

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