The Trouble with our Courts

The Trouble with Courts
David Schlecht

Our federal judicial system is in peril. It’s an absolute disaster. And, it’s a train wreck heading straight for us and we better fix it soon or it will be too late.

There are two prongs to this disaster.

First, the federal courts have been packed with the same right-wing ideologues who have brought us our current disaster.

The courts are packed with corporate lawyers.

This means that more and more cases being appealed from jury courts are being decided outside the jury system with right-wing nuts. And these nuts have life-time appointments to the courts they control.

Remember when the Supreme Court decided Bush was president regardless of what the Florida votes totaled? This couldn’t have happened in any court that was interested in laws or the constitution. And this is just one of countless appellate courts that is over-represented by right wing nuts.

When the Supreme Court screwed America over the 2000 election, the America people should have marched on Washington DC. But our silence has only emboldened the nuts. We should have impeached every judge on the Supreme Court who supported the 2000 judicial coup.

During the criminal reign of the Bush years, Democrats in Congress allowed more nuts to take court judge positions by making them promise to be good. How stupid can that be? Now Roberts has proven to be as crooked as the rest of the Supreme Court right-wing nuts even though he promised. It’s time, today, to impeach him for breach of contract. And then we should send him to prison for lying to Congress.

Secondly, when we found out that Bush had fired all the Attorneys General who refused to pursue false cases against Democratic candidates and ignore bonified cases involving Republicans, we were horrified. You know what? Most of those Attorneys General are still in place, even though Bush is long gone.

Why isn’t Obama cleaning them out? Does someone have Obama over the barrel? It sure looks like it.

Of course, we all know that the Republicans in Congress are stalling all attempts to get new appointees in the justice system but Obama isn’t pushing hard enough. America can chew gum and walk at the same time. We can do Health Care and clean out the corruption on the justice system at the same time.

What happens if Republicans regain Congress in 2010? What happens to all this corruption? It get cast in stone never to be cleaned out again.

By the way, check out Don Siegelman’s case here and here. He’s being pursued by the same nuts that were put in place by the Bush administration. It’s time to clean the right-wing nuts out.