How Far Gone is America?

How Far Gone is America?
David Schlecht

In today’s news I read that 20 Democratic and 22 Republican Congressmen got their talking points from an international corporation and dutifully spewed them out and into the official congressional record.

Is our system already too corrupt to save? Does big business already have too strong a grasp on our government for us to ever wrestle it away? Have we been asleep at the switch so long that there’s no stopping this train wreck?

I used to say watch out because American corporations have taken control of the Republican party and of the tea baggers. Now it’s obvious big business has its tentacles deep within our entire government.

Voting isn’t enough any more. We have to get outraged enough to scare the crooks out of control. As the insurance industry and banks have demonstrated, they won’t give up without trying to bring our country down with them.

Do you ever wonder why we can’t get our country enraged and engaged like we were back in the 60s? It’s because we no longer have a media. In the 60s there were lots of news reports about demonstrations and riots. Today, it’s all just glossed over. The only demonstrations you read about now are the tea baggers demanding more money and more control for big business, for the banks, for the insurance industry.

How far gone are we? Too far?