Do Something Good for America

Do Something Good for America
David Schlecht

So, let’s see if I get this correct. The Republican representatives in Congress have, as their primary goal, to obstruct Obama. It doesn’t seem to matter what’s best for America, it’s all about stopping anything the Democrats want, even though it’s what America wants.

Certainly they know that America voted for Obama and voted for change. By doing everything in their power to prevent this change, to prevent the will of the American public, the Republican party is becoming increasingly disliked and despised, even by those who have voted Republican all their lives.

This is not the Republican party that America needs and America is waking up to it. We need the real Republican party back.

You know the old adage, “Power Corrupts”, well it can be seen as plain as day from the past 8 years of Republican rule and we are now beginning to see it in the Democratic party. That’s why we need at least two parties.

Republicans, is it time to take back your party, yet?

4 thoughts on “Do Something Good for America”

  1. It is a sad statement but obstruction is the only thing they have left to give. No serious solutions to anything. Just look over the past 30 years. Tax breaks to the rich, fewer restriction on the rich and corporations. Now that the mess is hitting the fan, they have nothing left to offer America. Do something good for America. Vote out a republican.

  2. The do-nothing republican representatives are even road-blocking appointments to the judicial branch. Obama will never get the politicized Attorneys General weeded out if he can’t appoint new ones. Just what the hate-America Republicans want.

  3. The republicans are now pushing a media campaign encouraging Obama’s death:
    Let his days be few; and let another take his office.

    The following line:
    Psa109:9 Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.

    You can find these chantings on teddy bears, t-shirts, you name it. it’s no biggie that there are a few nuts running around praying for the end of the world or the murder of a president, but the fact that the republican political party implicitly endorses this by refusing to condemn it.

    Do America a favor and close down your party, republicans. A new republican party will quickly take your place, one that wants to help America.

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