A Fair Tax

A Fair Tax
David Schlecht

What is a fair tax?

I’m not surprised when I hear the rich crying and whining about having to pay their fair share. After all, our broken predatory capitalist system requires people to be immoral and predatory to be successful and we wouldn’t expect anything less when it comes to paying back for the wealth this country has given them. What, then, is fair?

Let’s take the plight of the poverty stricken worker, making some CEO rich while she raises her family in poverty. When she goes to the grocery store, she pays sales tax, usually in the range of 7-10%. In other words, this country is taking food off the tables of the poor in order to pay taxes. Another way to look at this is to say that 100% of the poor working mother’s discretionary spending (money she doesn’t need to survive) is spent on taxes. The middle class has a negative savings rate. In other words, all the middle class’ money is going to pay for their dwindling “American Dream”. How much of their discretionary spending is eaten up in taxes? Obviously 100%. This is immoral for so many reasons. How can a society tax their people to death? Shame on us.

Okay, so our government, pandering to the rich, have decided that it’s okay to tax people 100% of their discretionary income. Well, then that means 100% of what the rich make, after paying for a meager middle class life style, should be taxed. But, no, instead the poor and middle class are paying the taxes for the rich. The uber rich are paying about 10% of their discretionary income in taxes while the rest of the country is paying 100%.

If we’re in agreement that we don’t want to tax anyone 100% then it should be pretty obvious that the only moral solution is to levy taxes proportionate to the amount of discretionary income. This is called a progressive tax. In other words, the tax progresses up as the income goes up.

Back in the days when this country used to function successfully, we had a top marginal tax rate of over 90% on the uber rich. Isn’t it time we went back there? Isn’t it the moral thing to do?

Sales taxes, on the other hand, are regressive. They affect the poor considerably more than the rich. Fuel taxes affect the poor disproportionately. Property taxes should be more progressive, with low cost primary homes paying nothing in tax but million-dollar mansions pay a high percentage.

8 thoughts on “A Fair Tax”

  1. What would Jesus do? He’d sort the Republicans with the goats and watch them burn and suffer while the people defending the poor and downtrodden (aka Democrats) would go to heaven. Any Christian voting Republican is going to hell. For that matter, anyone voting Republican will be going to hell. It’s not too late to repent.

  2. What do you mean? It really is that easy. Vote to help the least of us and you vote for what Jesus stands for. That is exactly what the Bible is all about.

  3. Fair Tax
    One need not go any further than the “paying back for the wealth this country has given them” portion of that first paragraph to grasp the concept of “Fair“ taxation (which Carl Marx would love).. None of those evil “rich” must have ever used their hard work, education, skills and entrepreneurship to achieve anything because it was all given to “them” by a “broken predatory capitalist system” or stealing from the “poor and middle class”.. Then the justification continues on using morality, redefining regressive taxation as “progressive” and inaccurate numerical babble as a justification for the Obama “spread the wealth“ goal; but never mentions the multitude of government programs that such as the EIC “tax credit“ (that provides tax refunds to working people who paid little or no taxes)!!! What never gets described in these ‘Fair” tax rants (putting fair and tax together is an oxymoron) is applying exact income numbers to define the ‘Rich”, “Middle Class” and “Poor” so we know specifically who gets the first target painted on their forehead before the insatiable government moves down the food chain to extract more wealth from the private economy!!!! Oh, that’s right, Obama clearly stated that under his administration “No one making under $250,000 will see their taxes increase, not one dime” (humm, how is that “middle class” promise working out since it made it from January to an April appropriations bill before getting trashed with much more coming)!!!!!
    Under the original structure of our democratic republic Constitution, the government is responsible to insure equal and fair opportunity but not guarantee equal outcome; although a “hand up, not a hand out“ has always been our tradition for the temporarily disadvantaged)!!!!! However, if self-righteous fairness jealousy or guilt leaks out all over the floor one can always man-up and be the first one at the IRS window with your net worth donation check..

    Chuck (again)

  4. I guess chuck thinks he did it all on his own. Then he would be happy in Somalia where there is no government to foster the growth of business. Except that there are no successful businesses in Somalia or any country without a good and successful government to make business possible. Oh, but I did it all on my own so I shouldn’t have to pay for the government. I’m beginning to doubt that he is serious.

  5. According to Chuck, “putting fair and tax together is an oxymoron”. So does this mean there is nothing fair about paying your own way in America? The battle cry of the rich. Oh, please don’t expect me to pay my fair share, I’m so abused.

    So you and I end up having to pay more so he can pay no more than he thinks is fair, in other words, nothing. Another shining example of Conservative politics.

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