The Latest Conservative Talking Points

The Latest Conservative Talking Points
David Schlecht

This comment from my recent post, Harold Estes, is such a fine example of conservatives’ talking points that it warrants a post of its own. We are at a critical time in America’s history and some people really believe that parroting their talking points constitutes discussion, or scores one for their team. Why isn’t America their team?

Chuck writes:

DAVID IS CORRECT — Progressives are always right because facts, history and reality are adjustable so listen up:
1. Fair taxes – If you make too much (a floating number based on government need), Uncle Handout takes the rest. If you make less, we “spread the wealth”; oh that’s right we’re broke and it’s Bush’s fault.. Not-with-standing that the top one percent currently pay over 40 percent of all individual taxes and the top 25 percent pay over 87 percent (IRS for 2007), but, they don’t deserve to keep the fruits of their labor like under that foolish old capitalistic free market system.. However, all be be solved soon with the new Cap and Tax Bill, Medical Bill, Chris Dodd’s new financial control legislation, expiration of those silly Bush tax cuts — but no fear, these things won’t affect YOU!!!!!

This isn’t some elementary school spelling bee. These are important issues and should be addressed seriously. How can anyone just take a set of numbers and not look at all sides? My gosh, you mean the ultra rich are paying 87% of our taxes? Oh, cry me a river. Let’s see, that is what percent? Well, since the top 25% make 98% of America’s income and it’s still increasing, that is 11% (98 -87) of those taxes that must be paid for by the middle class and working poor along with paying our own taxes. If they’re making 98% of the wealth shouldn’t they be paying at least 98% of the tax? Why should they get welfare from America’s working class?

Obviously Chuck wasn’t alive eight months ago when Obama dropped the tax on the working people of America, because he’s still wetting his pants worrying that Obama will ask him to pay his fair share. Yes, I do expect them to affect ME. I expect things to get back to being fair like it was before we started subsidising the wealthy.

2. Health Care — Of course we should have manditory Obama government health care to control costs, raise taxes and surpress another private industry.. We need another bloated govt. agency that has the budget and fiscal success like USPS, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Amtrac, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid (oh, thats right, these three would have been OK but uncle stole the money for other “needs”), etc., etc.. But hey, we’ll all get healthier walking to government clinics, standing in lines and learning to deal with pain while awaiting for our lottery number for that surgical procedure like our socialist country friends.. Besides, if you are over 65 and retired you don’t “contribute” enough in taxes or to the “public good” so of what use are you!!!

I am quite sad to see how little you think of America. Yes, we have some problems that we could clean up, but all in all I think America is a great nation. I wish you did, too. Someone has been nurturing some real hatred in you for your country.

I’m guessing Chuck has been nursing on the crap that Fox spews and the rest of the corporate media repeat. These are all lies and misconceptions. In fact, go to one of the many websites that try to set straight the lies. Any of these, these, these, or these would be a good place to start educating yourself.

The fact that this information is so freely available from the US government, I’m guessing Chuck hasn’t even tried finding the truth from the lies.

And, who do you think is going to pay for the national health reform? How about if the rich start paying their fair share, like Obama wants? Oh, that’s right, we can’t expect the rich to pay their own way, can we?

And, lastly, I bet we would all prefer any of these troubled organizations writing out my medical checks rather a billionaire CEO denying our claims so they can make more money but I’m sure that’s obvious.

3. Christian Nation – Of course we are not.. The 86 percent of the population that thinks we are just “cling to their bibles and guns” in times of stress anyway.. Therefore, ignor [sic] all those laws and rules in our judicial system, Constitution and Amendments because they have a basis in “morality” which comes from religion — bad!!!!

“Clinging to Bibles and guns.” You mean like McViegh and the Oklahoma City bombing by Christian radicals or others that have been discussed here, before?

If you think you get morals from religion, you’re sorely mistaken. Open your eyes. Are these the Christian morals you find in our constitution? No, you’re probably ignoring these. Please start naming them.

4. Immigration Control — Why?? You can’t be the Leader of the World until they are all here – “Come on Down” as they say on the game show..

This is another topic that we all agree on. Let’s find some common ground. Nobody wants illegal immigrants taking our jobs. Obviously we can’t build a big enough fence or murder enough to discourage them. The only way to discourage illegals from taking our jobs is to shut down the businesses that hire them. No jobs? They’ll all go home.

5. Military — Unnecessary… They just cause trouble, scare my friends and take money from our progressive agenda!!!

Our founding fathers would be horrified to know that we had a standing army during times of peace. That’s what the well-trained militia was supposed to be. Now we are controlled (more than half of our tax dollars spent to feed it) by the industrial military complex. We spend more on military than the rest of the world COMBINED!  Know that every dime spent there is a dime that isn’t being spent to make America a better place.

6. Pelosi Recommendation – Move the Capitol to San Fran. so I don’t have to wasted my time flying back and forth at least twice every week in my customized private Air Force jet!!!! The auto exec’s used to do that but we fixed them and are working on Wall Street and the finanical industry!!

Oh, please! Can you be serious?

6. Bowing and Apoligizing – We’re bad, really bad, and “I” know how to tell everyone that you greedy freedom and liberty loving capitalists are sorry… Ignor [sic] that as a nation, we have contributed more aid of every type, both foreign and domestic, than all other contries [sic] combined but YOU can do more and WE will arrange that!!!!

Please try to stay focused. Bowing and contributions and arrange for me, all in one breath? Nobody is saying we’re really bad. Can we and should we improve? The majority of American believe we can and should.

As for us being great contributors, this is so misleading. Americans spend most of our donations paying for million-dollar churches and paying the pay checks of billion dollar con artists. However, we, as a nation are the stingiest of the industrialised countries.

Etc., etc., etc…..
Comrade, I know these “truths to be self-evident” (because my Czars, tax evading appointees, lobbists [sic] and Chicago thugs told me so)!!!

Ah, yes, I believe this is another area where we can all agree: our broken government. Lobbyists are destroying our representative government. We need to get money out of our election process and corporate lawyers out of our Supreme Court. You know, the Supreme Court is soon to be deciding if multi-billion dollar corporations and international corporations should have freedom of speech by buying as much political advertising as they see fit. We need to get the lobbyists out of our government, we need to get money out of our elections and we need to get corporate lawyers out of our Supreme Court.

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  1. Please, surely you can improve upon the worn out typical liberal ploy of degrading and insulting the responder (of whom you know nothing), worry about spelling bee contest, and some bizarre Fox (?) rant as a diversion from facts and reality so your progressive friends can all enjoy a good laugh…
    1. First, let‘s address some of your childish presumptuous insults, as in, “sad to see how little you think of America”, “hatred in you for your country”, “wetting his pants” etc.… I’ll take the bait and provide a few scraps so at least your ridiculous demeaning references can be relevant to something: I am a decorated Vietnam veteran — Neither a Democrat or a Republican because they both have been corrupted; but more of a strict constitutionalist social moderate and fiscal conservative, since you need a category to slander — I started work as a union hourly employee with a major company and progressed into management but took an “early retirement” re-organization package at age 46 and have accomplished additional goals since then… But, measured by the nature of your socialist tunnel vision response, you WRONGLY ASSUME I’m one of those hated “rich” and/or I must have accomplished these things by stealing from the “middle class” since I’m too diluted and stupid to use my own energy, education, skill and entrepreneurship to achieve any of this myself; therefore don‘t deserve to keep anything I EARNED!!!!!
    1a. Let’s propagate the “take from the rich and give to the poor” Robin Hood (Marx and Lenin) approach of class warfare in the name of the “middle class” to justify castigating the “rich” and as an excuse to feed more bankrupt bloated oppressive govt. programs because we all know Washington is the solution and not the problem!! Then, we can have more CEO statements like Emerson Electric that, to stay in business, they have to start moving their operations overseas as a result of demonstrated anti-business anti-free enterprise policies of this Administration and Congress (examples – A. – Give billions of taxpayer dollars to GM as an excuse to do a govt. unconstitutional takeover, place it in bankruptcy court, ignore the bond and stock holders but give the UAW union 40% payback ownership.. B. – Next, have the pay czar threaten compensation controls for all exec’s which is why Bank of America can’t hire a qualified CEO replacement.. C. – We now need a “jobs summit” and another govt. program to solve the self-imposed problem heaped on the back of the taxpayers)!!!! But sure, take all the “rich” money, which isn’t enough to solve the growing deficit and debt problem created by big govt., and when they are all gone which “class” will be targeted next to decimate and destroy in order to feed the Washington beast???? As to your insult as to being alive 8 months ago when “Obama dropped the tax on working people”, — False and misrepresented — The temporary income scaled payroll tax “reduction” has already been ruled on by the IRS, based on the 2010 tax tables, as requiring almost all wage earners to make up the shortfall on their April 15th , 2009 tax filing…
    2. Health Care – Just for openers, I have a copy of the HR3200 health proposal and have read (on the House, Senate and IRS websites) the income stat breakdowns and both the current health care proposals which were intentionally written not to be interpreted (according to an attorney friend helping with research) by the “middle class” but are full of individual and business “fees, penalties, fines, taxes and unsustainable mandates with further takeover of private industry and massive govt. growth“.. No tort reform, no private policy portability, no fraudulent billing reform measures, 500 Billion taken from Medicare and additional accounting tricks.. I’m sure this fits your classification of legislation we were all willing to DIE to see implemented!! I do my objective homework!!
    3. Christian Nation & 5. Military – (“Clinging to their bibles and guns” was a direct speech quote from Obama in describing how the “middle class” deals with trying times..) You missed the point again on both topics though it is sad that throughout history more people have died in the name of “religion“ than all other causes combined.. But, on point, it is undeniable that we were founded on Christian principals by people of Christian faith seeking freedom from a single State mandated religion.. So, for the counterpoint, loose the tired old typical “McVeigh” comparison implying we should be afraid of all those scary Christian radicals on every corner every day blowing up innocent Americans because that is easier than addressing today’s realities of the Twin Towers (twice), Yemen, Africa, Bali, Spain, Great Britain, Indonesia, etc., etc and threats from Iran and North Korea (China is not a pending threat due to the TRILLION plus in Treasury notes they own)…. However, with each administrations inept and mis-directed foreign policies, we do just keep repeating history expecting a different outcome.. While I am sure to be considered a “Hawk” in some ways, Iraq and Afghanistan will prove to be waste of American lives and resources but the assertion that in today’s state of world affairs and threats that we don’t need a standing military because we are at “peace” is clearly naïve and ignoring the obvious!!! As for the re-directing military expenditures, this group of Washington corrupt tax evading powerbrokers will keep us safe and have demonstrated their ability to spend wisely (i.e. check , as an example, at all those millions of jobs recently created in multiple States voting districts that don’t exist)….
    4. Immigration – Maybe we can agree but the federal government has clearly demonstrated a lack of will to enforce existing laws, address security related issues, and the desire to identify or implement a more relevant set of updated policies which includes temporary work visas and tracking…
    6. Pelosi (using Air force customized jets for commuting between Washington and San Fran.) – Your “Oh please! Can you be serious??” reply either implies you are completely uninformed or agree with politicians using power and influence to abuse taxpayer dollars (but not OK for military national defense) for personal convenience.. Check the GAO and U.S. Air Force records of several government owned Gulf Stream 550’s used by Pelosi for weekend trips home.. But relax, surely her recent demands for replacement long range 737’s or 777’s (hates those annoying in-flight refueling stopovers with the custom Gulf Streams) will be rejected; hummm, but don‘t hold your breath unless you have Obama health care and have already ordered the flowers!!!! At least the Congress did reduce the appropriations legislative request from 8 more like aircraft to only 3 additional for legislative member usage (sacrifice, sacrifice) after the Air Force publicly reported they had sufficient quantities!!!
    On the foreign and domestic aid issue – Your “million-dollar churches and paying the pay checks of billion dollar con artists” statement is cute and clever but off point and irrelevant (oh, that’s right, the free speech silencing tool of “political correctness” says it’s an easy target to slam any Christian religious persons relationship with their faith and church because they always just quietly turn the other cheek).. Furthermore, your “we, as a nation are the stingiest of the industrialised countries” is accurate only if you choose to believe the frequent left wing radical breathless causing rants by Keith O. on MSNBC and certain new age accounting methods (like those used by this Administration and Congress; but sorry, didn’t mean to pick on any neuron challenged Cornel alumni)!!!!

    Finally, you challenge my love of country and patriotism (notwithstanding the current crop of imbedded “career politicians and government leaders“)??? This neuron shortage thing must be spreading but I’m sure Obama Care will provide a cure with a new on-time vaccine program which will probably be called “The Hope and Change Smooth Talk to Dumb Down the (Too-Busy-To-Notice-Your-Liberties-and-Freedoms-Were-Sold-for-Government-Dependency -Programs-and-Debt-Payment) Citizens”!!!!!!


    1. “Obama Care”? Really? Obama Care? I don’t mean to embarrass you any more than you already have, but there’s no Obama Care. There’s no Unicorns, no Pixies, and no Obama Care. Only the right wing tools use that phrase. There are two versions of America’s health care bills, one in the House and one in the Senate and the Conservatives and a few Democrats in each house have done their best to destroy it.

    2. Chuck, I, too am not trying to embarrass you any more but it looked to me that David was doing you a favor not to respond to your Pelosi lie. You really have to take a step out into the real world and start verifying what you’re hearing from your sources. The Pelosi lie has been debunked for a long time now. Remember, is your friend. should be your second stop any time you make the mistake of listening to to corporate media.

  2. The “childish presumptuous insults, as in, ‘sad to see how little you think of America'” is not an insult, Chuck, unless you perceive it as such. Your statements make it plain that you don’t believe the USA can do successfully what every other industrialized has done. Or was David wrong and you really do believe that America can successfully provide health care to our citizens? You can’t have it both ways.

  3. Chuck, I don’t know if I speak for the other readers of this blog but personally, I am offended by your attempt to use derogatory terms and phrases like Socialism, Marx, Lennon, Robin Hood, Obama Care, etc., in your attempts to denigrate the principles and hopes of Americas founding fathers as well as the primary premises of our constitution, such as to care for each other. you call yourself a constitutionalist but demonstrate opposition to and a lack of understanding what the constitution actually says. Any reference you make to our government is tainted with disdain yet you over react when you are asked why you do this.

    Please clean up your rhetoric.

  4. I’m just not shocked any more. Chuck rushes in here and dumps three posts full of lies and then disappears without even proving a single point and I’m sure, without even reading a single illumination of his lies. Was he a paid stooge?

  5. How about we have a contest to see who can document the most lies in his posts? I’ll bet his lie-to-sentence ratio is at least 3 to 1. Nobody can be that wrong, even if they try. He was obviously a paid polluter.

    Must make a Republican/Conservative proud. A real strict constitutionalist. When a country’s political party is this vile, it doesn’t bode well for the country.

  6. Taking his first sentence which David quoted above: “If you make too much (a floating number based on government need), Uncle Handout takes the rest,” I count 5 lies and deception.

    1. “If you make too much” No tax laws are written based on “if you make too much”. That’s just deception.
    2. “A floating number”. No tax laws are a floating number. Everyone knows what your tax rates are before you start making money for the year.
    3. “Based on Government Need”. No, it has nothing to do with how much government needs, it depends on how much you make.
    4. “Uncle Handout”. This fictitious and misleading name obviously reflects his love of his country.
    5. “Takes the Rest”. Nobody is recommending that anyone pay “the rest”. This is just scare tactics. However, if you lie on behalf of a corrupt political party, you should be required to forfeit all your worldly possessions and spend the rest of your life in squalor, making amends, daily, to the rest of society that is honestly trying to fix this mess we’re in. This mess you are helping create.

    5 lies in just the first sentence. This seems to reflect a very sick person.

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