Hackergate and Climate Deterioration

Hackergate and Climate Deterioration
Captain Jack

The climate destroying corporate apologists are out there trying their hardest to make some sort of gold out of the hay they call Climategate. After all the lies about how Soros is behind the climate studies because he’s some sort of robot or how it’s a Liberal conspiracy to bring down the carbon based energy companies just out of spite and jealousy, or how maybe it’s some plan to make Americans love hippies, there is still no evidence. But that won’t stop them.

Now that they have the emails hacked from scientists, there isn’t a single bit of proof to their silly allegations. But, that won’t stop them from coming up with new lies. They act like it’s Christmas time for them because they can prove that the climate deterioration is a fraud, never mind all the obvious proof. Now with all these emails stolen, they should be able to find something, somewhere, right? Right? Hello?

There has been no evidence to show that the figures are incorrect or even inconclusive. There is some debate among the scientists, but, remember, that’s a good thing. If everyone just agrees on everything, then we’ll all be a wrong as the Republican Party has been on this issue. Wrong every time.

They did find one scary email where the data was massaged, but no evidence of any deceit or even wrong dong. And, most importantly, there is no evidence from these hacks and break-ins that the evidence is anything but conclusive.

But, we all know that the evidence proving that man is causing climate deterioration and the lack of any credible evidence to the contrary, the Conservatives and corporate apologists will continue to chant the chant, like some sick cult. Keep repeating it and sooner or later it’s bound to come true. Right? Right?

Now with new break-ins reported, will there be more issues that the Conservatives can make hay from? Probably. But it’s pretty doubtful that one to two points of data out of millions will change any of the conclusions.

But, we need to ask, who is illegally hacking into all these systems and trying to manufacture wrong-doing? And more importantly, why aren’t they in jail, yet?