Corporate America

Corporate America
Captain Jack

America is quickly turning into a country controlled by big business. We are definitely a country for the corporations, by the corporations, and of the corporations. And, even as you read this, the Supreme Court is contemplating a case that would remove any restraints on corporate influence in Congress.

Balkinization has a good post on this Citizens United case.

Giving corporations the right of citizens is a terrible idea. There is no limit to the corrupting influence wealthy corporations would have over our government. Look how much they already have and imagine what it would be without any restrictions.

Corporations could spend any amount of money on deceptive advertising and make or destroy a candidate regardless of what is in the best interest of the voters. Money could be used as free speech. That would quickly ruin the idea of one person one vote.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over the Supreme Court. It is currently controlled by former corporate lawyers. What kind of decision do you expect from such a court?

That is the biggest and most important reason the Corporate Republicans must be kept out of power. The Supreme Court must return to representing the people, not corporations.

It’s time to get outraged about Corporate Personhood. No Free Speech for money.