More Examples of Welfare for the Rich

More Examples of Welfare for the Rich
David Schlecht

This week I’ve seen a scenario played out in Nevada that I’m sure most Americans will recognize in their their own neighborhoods. In Nevada, we’ve had a week of cold and snow, the same cold and snow affecting most of the country about now. So what have we noticed during this weather?

In Nevada, the ability of the towns to clear the snow has been greatly diminished, mostly because of budget cuts. Many of the businesses are paying fewer taxes and the rich have been paying fewer taxes for 30 years now, and the tax revenues are drying up, so the civic services, like snow removal, are greatly reduced. But, who is getting the services and who is not? Look around your town and you will notice what I see here in Nevada.

The businesses get plowed first, followed by the wealthy neigborhoods. And, if at all, the middle class and lower class neighborhoods get plowed last. Is this because businesses and the rich pay a higher percentage tax than the real Americans? Of course, not, they’re paying considerably less. Corporations now pay less than 7% of the country’s tax burden. Who pays the rest? You and I do. The Rich have seen insane tax breaks over the last 30 years, down form 92% to as low as 15% in most cases.

How much do you pay? 25%? 30%? 35%? Include your income tax and your property tax and your sales taxes and you can bet you’re paying a higher percentage than the corporations or the rich. So, aren’t you glad that your neighborhoods aren’t getting plowed but theirs are?

Isn’t it time to start getting enraged by this theft? Isn’t it time to say enough?

The Tea-Baggers have it right. Something stinks in America and we have to get motivated to get it fixed. Unfortunately for the Tea-Baggers, though, nobody is telling them that it’s the rich that are stealing their money so they think it’s the Mexicans or the Liberals or the illegal aliens to blame. But, eventually they will realize, and we all need ot be ready to stand beside them and demand that this mess get fixed. Or better yet, it’s time we stood up ourselves and let the Tea-Baggers join us. Get motivated!


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8 thoughts on “More Examples of Welfare for the Rich”

  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. They are very motivating and empowering. We need more people like you in America, who turn off their televisions and instead dedicate their time to making a difference.

  2. This perfectly demonstrates who is using most of our tax dollars. The rich and corporations consume a majority of our civic services and our tax dollars but pay the least in taxes.

    1. I think you’re missing the point. It doesn’t matter why they get plowed first. The fact is the wealthy business owners (and yes, the not so wealthy ones) get services from our tax dollars first and I would bet that the wealthier the business the sooner it gets plowed.

  3. Where does all our police force spend their time? Protecting the rich and the businesses. Where do the courts spend their time? Dealing with corporate issues. Where does the defense department spend more than half over ALL our tax dollars? Protecting the interest of the big corporations. Who gets to pay for all this? Those of us paying 35% tax.

    Bring back fair taxes on the rich.

  4. It’s an interesting point you brought up and the next time I snows, I’m going to see if the richer neighborhoods get plowed first … and I’ll let you know.

    In the meantime, I did think anonymous had a point. Roads to businesses need to be plowed so we can get to work. Yes, I realize we need to get out of our driveways first, but there does have to be a priority with the more heavily traveled streets being given precedence.

  5. Well, okay, let me qualify that. I’ll let you know if the richer neighborhoods get plowed first… if I manage to remember to after digging my way out of the driveway. 🙂

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