Dumbing Down America

Dumbing Down America
Captain Jack

Why hasn’t this been on the nation’s headlines every day? This is a major deal. Almost 35% of New Jersey Republicans think Obama might be the Antichrist. Got that? 1 in 3 people are so sick and perverted that they think their president might be the son of Lucifer. Why isn’t this being screamed from the rooftops? America has become a country of mental retards. Well, at least New Jersey Republicans.

So, I ask you, if they’re really sick and stupid enough to believe this crap, how sure are you that they’ll be turnning out to vote? 100%? Maybe 110% just to make sure.

Attention America! This is what you call having your deluded base energized. You know every one of these retards is going to be out there voting. Now, don’t be telling me how you feel disenfranchised because Obama isn’t doing everything the way you want it. Yes, we need to keep the pressure on Obama but don’t even think that you have the luxury of feeling frustrated about voting.

The fanatics have taken over one of America’s political parties and they’ll be out in force trying to take over the entire country coming next election day.

Quit your whining, America, and get energized enough to get out there and save our country. We have to save America from the radicals.

3 thoughts on “Dumbing Down America”

  1. Only 20% of Americans identify with the republican party yet the party has managed to prevent anything from happening in our government. Wonder how this can be? That 20% are fanatics! Like the other fanatics (terrorists) they will stop at nothing to bring down this country. The remaining 80% of us have to shake ourselves out of this stupor and get out there and stop this.

  2. I think you’re being too nice, Captn. America has been under attack from the Republican party since the Reagan era. Even Clinton was more of a conservative than America needed, with his GATT and NAFTA damages.

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