Misplaced Priorities

Misplaced Priorities
Captain Jack

So what gives? The Republicans had complete control of the country for almost 10 years and drove it into the ground. No point in sugar coating it. They ran it into the ground. They had 10 years to start to address health care but couldn’t have cared any less. Just think of it, TEN years and what did we get? The worst recession since the last Republican recession courtesy of Reagan’s failure to regulate the Savings and Loans.

Here we are, trying to bring America back from the brink and what are the Republican politicians doing to help? Anything? Anything at all? No, all they are doing is obstructing everything they can. They have shattered all records of the abuse of the filibuster. Their stated purpose is to break Obama. Obviously that means even if it breaks America.

Why would any political party neglect the country to the point that the Republicans have and then be hateful enough to continue to obstruct any effort to clean up their mess?

More important, why would anyone support such a political party? Such a defective party with misplaced priorities.