Little Footprints

Little Footprints
David Schlecht

We hear so much about how the global warming disaster is just a hoax. It’s sad to think that anyone really listens to the deniers. Take a look at the big picture.

If the average human has only a small negative impact on the world, let’s say just a small amount of pollution, or a small amount of carbon or a small amount of litter, then the human race is heading for extinction. Let me explain why.

Looking at a big polluter, if we were all big polluters, it wouldn’t take more than a few generations before we polluted enough to destroy our environment. Fortunately, the majority of mankind are small polluters. In fact the majority of people have a negative footprint. In other words, many of the third world countries produce less pollution than they remove from the world. How many people never own a car?

So the smaller footprint mankind has, the longer we can survive, but sooner or later, we will have destroyed more of the earth than the earth can take. Even the smallest negative footprint will eventually produce enough damage to destroy us.

In order to survive as a species, we must eventually reduce our footprint to zero or more likely will be required to reduce it to a negative footprint to avert disaster.

So, if we’re going to have to do it sooner or later, we have the choice. Do we want to continue to do more harm to the earth than we fix and do we want to produce bigger and bigger messes until our grandchildren or great grandchildren are saddled with nightmare of cleaning up after us? Or do we want to start being responsible people and reducing our footprint to a point where we are cleaning up more garbage than we produce?

Eventually we will run out of room for our landfills and run out of room in our atmosphere for our pollution. We will have to reduce our footprint. The only question is, will we do it today or leave it for our kids?

5 thoughts on “Little Footprints”

  1. There is an old misconception about the inherent ability for earth to cleanse itself. Many people foolishly believe that a little of the poison is cleaned out by earth so we can have a slightly destructive footprint. Wrong! Even the slightest amount of pollution over long enough time will result in a build up that is undeniable. It’s just common sense.

  2. It’s a drag but many people feel that if they can’t see where their garbage and pollution goes, it just “goes away”.

  3. Be careful about the idea of a beneficial footprint. Mankind has been notoriously naive. We could end up causing more harm than good.

  4. Using exiting warming history (no speculation, just plain old facts) earth will be warming by 5-10 degrees celsius in the next 5 decades. If you or I got as much as a 2.5 degree fever, we would be on the brink of death. What will this kind of change do to our ecosystem? It’ll be devastating. It’s not just humans that will have to endure the increase. It is all life on earth and most things won’t like the change. Most of earth will be barren deserts.

  5. Although global warming would be the result of an accumulating negative footprint–that is, IF global warming is indeed a real threat–I believe you’ve done environmental improvement a disservice by handcuffing a negative footprint to the global warming issue.

    Whether or not the global warming issue is a hoax should not be the basis for taking care of our earth. Even if global warming doesn’t exist, we should still be striving for clean air, water and to decrease our negative footprint. So, why fight over whether or not global warming exists? We can all see the pollution in the air and in our waterways with our own eyes. Why not take on those issues instead?

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