Bringing Up the Rear

Bringing Up the Rear
David Schlecht

Well, Nevada made it into the national news again, today. Not because of our slimeball Republican governor, not because of our slimeball adulterous Congressman, not because of our Nuclear waste repository. No, not because of any of those things, but because we’re number one in bankruptcies, almost number one in unemployment, and dead last for our education. Thank you governor Gibbons.

So, since we’re the country’s smartest voters (that’s sarcasm for you Nevadans), I guess that explains why we have almost a strict republican voting record. Makes one proud, doesn’t it?

Even with our past two governors swearing “No New Taxes” and reducing government to the point where Nevada is no better off than Haiti, we’re obviously no better off for our Republican rulers. Hey Nevadans, the republican approach to destroying America is not working for making this a better country. I guess that’s why they call this Ne-va-DUH. Not the sharpest saw in the box. This isn’t really a box of hammers.

Of course, you would never expect a Nevada republican voter to understand that. Maybe this is a box of hammers after all.

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4 thoughts on “Bringing Up the Rear”

  1. Haiti seems like another blaring example of how bankrupt the Republican approach to government is. Here is a perfect example of the perfect Republican government, too small to do anything and too weak to enact or enforce regulations. Just look at all the money they’re saving in taxes! Sorry to hear about your wanna-be-haiti state of Nevada, Dave.

  2. That’s what we need. Less government, less interference with the free market. More sub-standard houses. We all feel for you in Nevada.

  3. Hey! The schools for the rich kids are doing just fine. What’s the problem? Just goes to show that we don’t need public education any more (and yes, that’s more sarcasm).

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