Selling America to the Highest Bidder

Selling America to the Highest Bidder
David Schlecht

A letter to my readers…

Dear Friends,

If you’ve been paying attention to the news today, you have heard about the horrific ruling by the Supreme Court. With this ruling, they have perpetrated the greatest attack on our country that we have witnessed in our lifetimes. With this ruling, corporations (including international corporations) have the right to buy our political races and nothing will stand in their way.

Take as an example, the 2008 presidential elections. Between the two leading candidates, they spent $1.1 billion in advertising, and that’s a record expenditure.  Divide that by a four year term and it’s about $270 million per year.

This year, the bankers on Wall Street received over $30 billion in bonuses alone, not including regular income. This means they could spend just one tenth of one year’s bonus and completely drown out everything all other candidates can say. This is not free speech. This is selling our country down the toilet to the richest and most ruthless and most unethical buyers. Just think what the oil companies will do. Three billion dollars in deceptive campaign marketing and they can realize hundreds of billions in subsidies. There’s no better return on investment than buying a politician or two.

If you think business has too much control over our government now, just wait and see what this brings.

This is not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue or a conservative issue or a liberal issue, it’s an American issue. The only way we can repeal this is if we work together.

I signed this petition and encourage everyone to do the same and then to forward this message off to everyone you know.

It’s not too late but it soon will be. You and I are the only hope America has of surviving this attack.


This morning, I watched five Supreme Court Justices stab at the heart of democracy, our electoral system.

They overturned over 100 years of statute and precedent, and declared that corporations can spend all the money that they want to buy elections. In fact, these five men in robes declared that they have a constitutional right to do so.

I was there. I saw it. And one seat away was Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who could barely contain his glee.

If you signed our petition, you were there, too. Right in the courtroom. Because your petitions were with me, and I delivered them to the Supreme Court. If you signed our petition, you were one of almost 15,000 people who told these judges that “we cannot have a government that is bought and paid for by huge multinational corporations.”

And now, we have to fight. We have introduced six bills to prevent the sale of our government to the highest bidder. The “Save Our Democracy” package must pass. As Lincoln said in his first inaugural address, the war is forced upon us. And if we fail, then as I said yesterday, “you can kiss your country goodbye.”

Forward this message to your friends now. Tell them to sign the petition at to support the “Save Our Democracy” package now.


Alan Grayson
Member of Congress

12 thoughts on “Selling America to the Highest Bidder”

  1. Fixing this is not a partisan issue but how we got here definitely is. This was brought by nobody but the republicans. Look at the split in the court. It was only the republican corporate owned judges that are trying to do this.

  2. I hope America sees what happens to our country when you vote for Republicans and they appoint their sick and twisted judges. I say impeach the liars.

    Roberts needs to go.

  3. This is just like Mussolini’s merging of corporations and state. Fascism. And, yes, this is a political issue. The republican have gotten us here. If Americans would just open their eyes. This is the same argument that was being waged during the debates over the founding of this country. Fortunately for us, the conservatives were out voted, liberals won, and the country was created for the “people”.

    1. Anon, I only wish you were right. Yes, the founding of this country was a struggle between liberals and conservatives. But neither Locke or Paine won outright. The country was a middle ground, well sort of.

      Yes, Reagan (who I voted for and genuinely believed was a good president until I opened my eyes) was a big part of today’s disaster with his war against the unions and basically against the middle class. But, you have to admit, Clinton did nothing to bust up the too-big-to-fail behemoths. In fact, he strengthened corporate power exponentially by opening the NAFTA Pandora’s box.

      And, what, exactly has Obama done for us in this regard? What is he doing to limit the undue power of money and corporations in our government? Nothing. At least nothing yet. He keeps whispering that some day if the wind is blowing just right, he might start regulating the banks, but as far as I’m concerned, this is too little too late. It’s time to get serious about this. By next election (THIS YEAR FOLKS!) our politicians will be wholly bought and owned by money and short of a bloody revolution, there’ll be nothing we can do to correct it.

      Time to act is now. Tell all your friends how important this is TODAY!

  4. If we don’t have a media, there’s no way Americans can fix this. Big money corporations own over 90% of talk radio, almost 100% of local newspapers (Ganet), and almost 100% of television. You read and hear about headline stories about millions of tea bagger marches (which turns out to be less that 20, 000) but never hear about the hundreds of thousands who march against the war or against many of the non-corporate interests. How can we unite without a media and how do we acquire one?

  5. Did you know that the majority of our media is owned or controlled by the same people that run our military industrial complex? It’s not a coincidence. And, explain to me how we can’t afford to spend 10% of our tax dollars on fixing our health care disaster but we can afford more than 50% for the military. Something stinks!

  6. How did we get here so fast? It wasn’t like this 20 years ago. What kind of a mess are we leaving our kids?

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