5 thoughts on “State of the Union Address”

  1. I think Obama is the latest convert from moderate to Republican-lite. What is this crap about tax cuts tax cuts tax cuts and cutting services? This isn’t Haiti. At least not yet. Stop acting like it is. Start taxing the billionaires, put back up the tariffs that helped make this the greatest country on earth and up the minimum wage. The problems will be fixed in months.

  2. I think it was a great speech. Now let’s see some follow-through. Tax the bankers and finish health care reform already.

  3. Obama is trying too hard to be a nice guy. Take off the gloves and quit negotiating with the party that is destroying America. There is no solace in meeting in the middle with the Republican kooks. We have turned into Fascism following their lead.

  4. Something seems wrong with the survey. Lots of people rated a D or an F but only one damning comment. Doesn’t that mean people who don’t like the speech don’t know why or don’t have a reason why they don’t like it other than because he’s a Democrat?

    Personally I loved it because (and you should all ask yourselves why you rate it one way or the other) it continued his theme of hope for change. Just check out the word cloud. Lots of hope and lots of good ideas if the Republicans don’t obstruct. Then look at the word cloud for the haters of “We the People”, the government.

  5. Sounds like the same old talking points over and over. That’s the Republican trick. Talk a good talk but don’t do anything about the issues. That keeps the idiots coming back to vote the issues over and over again.

    Honestly, I’m sick of it already. If something doesn’t start appearing soon, it will be time to kiss this country goodbye.

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