Tea-bagger Education #4

Tea-bagger Education #4
Captain Jack

I joined the tea-baggers meetup group to have some frank and honest discussion regarding the important things, the things that are destroying our country. The sign up propaganda said it wasn’t a Republican group but was open to everyone.

Those running the meetup tea bagger group are as corrupt and dishonest as the rest of the Republican party. One post was regarding the charter for the group. The post said, open to everyone.

The very next post was telling all the poor uninformed tea baggers that they should vote against someone because he is a RINO. For those low information voters, RINO means Republican In Name Only. In other words, the group was telling the poor uninformed followers to not vote for someone because he isn’t Republican enough. Does that sound like it’s not a Republican group?

Does that sound like open and honest discussion regarding the issues? No, I suppose not.

So, I thought I would add my two cents worth and comment how the problems that America faced were more important than whether Obama was a socialist or someone was a RINO but rather what is happening to our freedoms, to our jobs, to our economy, to our corporate run government, or the fact that the politicians who toke an oath to uphold the constitution for We The People are actually bought by big business.

Do you think this open and non parisan discussion ever made it to the readers? No, I suppose you’ve already guessed, but all my emails were censored. We don’t want the low information tea baggers to get a single bit of information. No, not a chance to discuss the issues openly and frankly. No. Just the same old distractions keeping the poor uninformed followers upset about something, anything but the real issues facing America.

Poor uninformed tea baggers. Shame on you, the conservatives/republicans keeping the blinders on the feeble. You do yourselves and America a disservice.