Tea-Bagger Education #5

Tea-Bagger Education #5
Captain Jack

So here’s another strange personality defect present in today’s tea baggers and in the typical conservative. It’s called the Lemming trait. Of course, if’ you’re a conservative, you’ll find endless reasons why this isn’t you, regardless of the facts, but do yourself a favor and just think about it.

In the conservative (Authoritarian follower) mind set, being part of and being accepted by his group is as important as life. This makes for some of the most ridiculous behavior.

We can take examples from all around us in every day life, but we’ll just take an obvious one and leave it up to the readers (and commenters) to come up with their own examples or denials.

Example #1: News commentator Joe on one channel says there’s no such thing as global warming. Commentator Sue on another station says the same, and a third. When it is finally so obvious that temperatures are rising that no one can deny it any longer, these three commentators all come back with version two of their denial. Oh, it’s getting warmer, but not everywhere so it’s not getting warmer at all.

Your typical human with a functioning logic processor will say, hum, these people have been wrong and are now making up silly excuses why they’re not. But, everything else they say seems to make sense in my view so I’ll just ignore the inconsistencies.

Well, the next day these same commentators say, finally, oh bugger, I can’t deny it any longer so I guess we’re experiencing global warming, but the new twist is, oh, it’s not man’s fault.

Some even go so far off the tracks as to reverse themselves and say there’s still no warming just because they can find an area that is having a snow storm or because there was one flaw in the reams of evidence gathered.

Most people would quit believing commentators that are this often wrong and who refuse to adjust their positions based on evidence. But the conservative tea-bagger will just continue to follow them as if there’s nothing wrong with being wrong.

Why do conservatives continually follow those who are proven wrong so reliably? It’s because these commentators are their leaders, part of their cult or clan or group or political party. Group affiliation is more important than anything else.

10 thoughts on “Tea-Bagger Education #5”

  1. This is a great post. Way to go, Jack. It’s an obvious sickness. The conservatives didn’t used to be this way.

  2. It’s not that we don’t want to admit we’re wrong, we just refuse to be like you socialists.

  3. Quit callig us tea baggers. We’re the tea party. Don’t you know how to read? Turn on Fox to expand your horizons.

  4. Aw, quit your yapping. You are the ones who signed up to be tea baggers. Quit complaining to us about it. Duh!

  5. This is an interesting concept, Captain. I’m sure different people have different thresholds at which they quit listening to the wrong people. It’s not an all or nothing decision. At what threshold does it become a defect? We all do it to some degree.

  6. We’re going to have to get off fossil fuels eventually. We are consuming a non-renewable resource and it is going to run out. Today is the time to be looking at alternatives and making the move in that direction.

    The problem is there are blood sucking industries that are making trillions of dollars the way things are.

  7. I don’t know if it fits this example as well as it does compartmentalized thinking, but the fact that the conservatives continue to vote for the party that has driven up the national debt and then complains about the debt when they’re out of office. It’s not hypocritical but deceptive and disgusting. Why would anyone vote for such a corrupt party?

  8. Today the Republican party was reported saying their followers are simpletons who are easily led by fear. Do you think this kind of raw disrespect for the tea baggers will discourage any of them from blindly following the party? Probably not.

  9. Ah, what do you expect from a bunch of morons? It is pretty clear that believing lie after lie after lie from the party is a skill finely honed by believing lie after lie after lie from their church.

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