Nevada’s NEW Tea Party

Nevada’s NEW Tea Party
David Schlecht

In an interesting and most entertaining twist, the Nevada/Reno Tea Party is all up in arms because the real Tea Party has started a political party and has put forth a candidate. The pretend Tea Party, you know, the one run by the Republican Party, is all up in arms. Holy Cow!! How dare someone introduce a candidate that challenges a Republican!

The whole hysteria just makes so obvious the fact that the Republican Party has co-opted the Nevada Tea Party and now they’re angry that the Tea Baggers feel disenfranchised and want to run a party their own way.

One can only hope that the Nevada Tea Party has come to the realization that they were being played as fools by the Republican Party. Good on them, and shame on the Republican party for trying to take advantage of a group they thought too stupid to see what they’re doing to them.

One thought on “Nevada’s NEW Tea Party”

  1. Aren’t the tea baggers just a bunch of low-information voters and racists? Aren’t they all just, well, your typical tea bagger? The Republican will convince them to withdraw their candidate. Just watch and see.

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