Rory Reid Candidate for Nevada Governor

Rory Reid Candidate for Nevada Governor
David Schlecht

I went to a house party for Rory Reid to find out what his candidacy really meant. Of course, one never gets the “truth” at these neighborhood parties, but it’s very interesting to talk with other Nevadans and even more interesting how the candidate addresses the issues everyone is talking about.

Let me be straight up, here. Nevada has been run into the ground by an endless list of Republican governors. That is the reason Nevada is dead last at everything that matters and almost last at everything that matters even a little.

This isn’t a coincidence and Nevada is waking up to this fact. Republican governors have destroyed this state and our current disaster of a governor, Gibbons, has been one of the worst. So, let me be clear, I’d vote for almost anyone before trusting the Republican with anything in this state ever again. However —

Rory Reid is not what I expect and not progressive enough to fix the disasters the decades of Republican rule have brought Nevada.

Two things make Rory sound just like any other REPUBLICAN candidate. If he doesn’t fix both of these (and hopefully many more) he has no chance as a serious Democratic candidate. Rory’s Republican rants that need to change:

1. No New Taxes. What is this garbage? This is the Republican sound byte that has caused this current economic disaster. No new taxes means we won’t expect the corporations or the wealthy to pay their share of the taxes. So, here, at a time when Nevada is hemorrhaging in red ink, the Democratic candidate is using Republican talking points for what has failed Nevada for so long. If we don’t start expecting the corporations and billionaires to pay their fair share, Nevada will cease to function as a state and Rory has no plan to fix it.

Hey, Rory, Nevadans will vote for a real Republican long before they’ll vote for a Democrat running as a Republican. Stand up and be a Democrat and denounce the Republican failed policies. Don’t embrace them. Nevadans want to vote for a true Progressive, a true Liberal, and it’s time someone stepped up and filled those shoes.

2. Bring in more jobs, any jobs. There is no shortage of jobs in America. If Americans and Nevadans would work for wages comparable to slave labor, there would be endless corporations flooding to Nevada to take advantage of the slave labor. If we all worked for free there would be no unemployment. So, bringing in just any job to Nevada is not helping Nevada.

Hey, Rory, we need real jobs that pay real wages. We already have enough poverty level jobs. Stop encouraging the bottom feeding companies to come to Nevada to exploit our near slave labor wages. Double our minimum wage limit, outlaw H1B and H2B visas and any other such schemes for bringing in cheap labor to compete with our already rock bottom wages in Nevada.

So, Rory, the bottom line is, do you want to be just another Republican and hand the state off to another blood sucking Republican governor or do you want to run as a true Democrat and quit with the failed Republican talking points.

6 thoughts on “Rory Reid Candidate for Nevada Governor”

  1. How about dropping the sales tax and implement luxury taxes? How about income taxes on billion dollar corporations? How about fair taxation for a change? Quit trying to balance the state’s budget on the backs of the workers alone.

  2. Actually, I rather like Rory’s plan. Go see Rory Has A Plan. It’s not safe for a candidate to talk about raising taxes or the Republican party will destroy him with lies about raising taxes on the poor.

    1. Anyone can have “a plan”. It takes serious thought and preparation to have a plan that might actually work. Any plan that works will have to have a way to reliably generate income for the state. You are going to have to say the scary word TAXES and not hide from it.

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