Curb Republican Hate Speech NOW

Curb Republican Hate Speech NOW
David Schlecht

In retrospect, it is quite ironic how the Republican party during the awful Bush years was trying to quiet the critics by calling anything critical of Bush as being not just unpatriotic but being hate speech. Has anyone heard the Republican party lately and their pet project, the Tea Baggers?

There are so many examples from vulgarity to racism Republican congressmen calling Democratic congressmen “Baby Killer”. The list of absolutely awful and distasteful rhetoric seem to have no end. For just a short list of the most recent examples, check out the links below, if you really have the stomach for it.

There is no doubt that this violent and disgusting speech coming from the Republicans is doing harm to America not just in making it impossible to resolve our differences of opinions but because it brings outright violence.

Now, please don’t fool yourself into thinking that it’s just a few bad apples or that it’s not really the Republican party’s fault. It is the fault and the bad apples are killing people.

If it wasn’t the Republican Party’s intention to fan the flames of this hatred and racism, they would denounce it, but alas, they just support it more and more with each breath. The Republican part is not doing America any service by this, it is only for the benefit of the party.

If you are thinking of supporting this party in any way, think again. They are not helping anything that matters to the American people. They are only dividing us. They are responsible for the violence and the hate and the killings. What ever happened to the real Republican party? It is long gone.

Here is a sample of the awful and hateful things this party has given us just recently:

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