Gibbons, the Child Governor

Gibbons, the Child Governor
David Schlecht

Ah, Jim Gibbons. You make a tea bagger proud. Too bad that you disgrace the rest of the state of Nevada. I’ve seen five year olds act more mature and sensible than you.

Gibbons doesn’t think that we’re wasting enough of our bankrupt state’s money. He wants to cancel education and any investment in Nevada’s future but he certainly has some money to jump on the Republican Crazy Train and file yet another frivolous lawsuit against health insurance reform like one more lawsuit is going to make a difference. Just how stupid is it for Nevadans to pay our scarce Nevada tax dollars pursuing lawsuits that we will have to spend our federal tax dollars to defend. I know that this sounds awfully immature by anyone’s standards, but at a time like this, it has to make a tea bagger proud.

It’s really no surprise that the majority of Nevadans have been against Gibbons from the start, but this an obvious example of Nevadan tax payers getting what we deserve for not getting out there and voting. Now it’s costing every Nevadan cold hard cash because of this man-child.

Knock, knock — wake up Nevada!

You’ve just got to read the AG’s Response to Gibbons 3-26-10.

6 thoughts on “Gibbons, the Child Governor”

  1. Today’s poll produced interesting results. It’s surprising that no one voted (at this point anyway) that the current health care bill is the perfect solution to the health care problem. Thanks for a fun survey.

  2. Republicans have been destroying Nevada for generations. When will they ever learn to stop voting for them?

  3. The problem isn’t that Nevadans vote these leaches into office, the problem is that they are too lazy to vote at all so they get whoever the motivated fringe wants. In other words, they get what they deserve. Some say the greater the disparity between rich and poor, the lower the voting rate. Nevada is among the worst.

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