Why Do Republicans Still Win Elections?

Why Do Republicans Still Win Elections?
David Schlecht

As Captain Jack states, only 27% of Americans identify with the Republican Party. It’s hard to believe that 27% of America is blocking our government from accomplishing anything reasonable. But, check out the results in the 2008 Pew poll.

But this only shows a small part of the whole picture. A more recent poll done by Rupert Murdoc’s Wall Street Journal and NBC shows that the numbers fell to only 20% by 2009.

Check out the more recent poll.

How can this possibly be? How can our government be brought to a standstill by only 20% of the people?

I’ll tell you how. The multinational corporations are funding the Republican party and their marketing works. People will vote for a Republican candidate because they believe the lying and deceitful campaign promises that are all dressed up to look so real.

Also, the 20% who are still hanging on to the failed Republican principles are led by their negative emotions, mostly fear, anger, and hatred. When you’re controlled by these emotions, the Republican Party can be sure you’ll be out there voting against your own best interests. The Republican Party had become experts at playing the negative emotions and the poor people who can’t control their emotions are used like lab rats.

That is why the Republican Party always plays the race card. It brings out negative emotions in their core voters.

Will the Republicans gain more seats in Congress this election year? If history is any indication, yes, the Democrats, not led by their negative emotions will stay home and not vote while the Republicans will be out in force.

We need to talk to everyone we know and make sure all Americans get out there and vote. That’s the only way to stop this frightened, hateful minority from controlling our country.