It’s Still Obama’s Vietnam

It’s Still Obama’s Vietnam
David Schlecht

Well, Obama, it’s been over a year since you took office and we’re no closer to getting out of Vietnam, oh, I mean Afghanistan. What gives? Get out, already.

I know, I know, Bush got us into this mess, but really, Obama, can’t you do a little better about getting us out? Killing civilians isn’t winning over the hearts and minds of the Afghans and the longer we stay there the more civilians will die, not to mention the more dead Americans.

Things are not getting better there and they will only continue to worsen the longer we’re there.

It’s time to declare victory and get the heck out of Dodge.

14 thoughts on “It’s Still Obama’s Vietnam”

  1. Hey, Republicans, get a pad of paper and a pencil and take a note. This how a patriot acts. He questions his government and calls them on it when they’re wrong. The best way to destroy your country is to rally around your leader and neglect to question his actions. That is exactly how Hitler came to power. His followers were saying it is unpatriotic to question the leader, just like the Republicans were doing with Bush.

    Before you shut me down and quit reading, I’m not accusing you of being Nazis but pointing out what happens when you follow authority without question. Don’t be a follower, turn off Beck, Hannity, O’Reily, and Fox. Be an American, not a follower.

    1. Well Said! But, you’re wasting your time. They don’t want to become better citizens, they want to follow their leaders. Baaaaaa

  2. It’s also unpatriotic to vote party line. No party is perfect and if you vote like it is then you’re voting for Hitler.

  3. Really, now. How do we get out of Afghanistan? We should have required an exit plan before invading, but thanks for Bush, here we are. If we leave today, Taliban returns. Not good. Taliban will alway be a risk as long as the people don’t feel represented by their president and this one barely represents himself and his little town.

    1. Oh GOD, here we go again. Don’t you people every open the doors and windows and breath a breath of fresh air? You’ve already lost this argument. Following the same failed policies does not create victory. Wake up already.

  4. You have such a humorous way with words, even when you’re speaking on a serious subject! I loved your phrases, “we’re no closer to getting out of Vietnam, oh, I mean Afghanistan” and “get the heck out of Dodge.”

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