Massey Mine Murder

Massey Mine Murder
Captain Jack

So, what does the Massey Mine disaster tell us about the need for unions? Are you still believing the corporate marketing on how bad unions are for America? Would this have happened if it was a union mine?

Was this willful neglect on the part of the mine. Should this be tried as murder? Over 3.000 violations. This is the mine’s standard mode of operation. It’s cheaper to pay the fines than to protect the workers.

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16 thoughts on “Massey Mine Murder”

  1. Morally, it’s murder. But, will they get away with it? Of course. Thank a Republican

    1. Does anyone remember that Bush gutted the mine safety department? We’re still suffering the Bush years and fools put up billboards asking if we miss him yet. Puke.

  2. Wonder if the victim’s families think it’s murder for the sake of profits? Wonder how you would feel?

  3. How come you never hear in the mainstream news that Massey’s Blankenship supports the tea baggers? Why don’t the tea baggers realize they’re useful idiots?

    1. Blankenship also helps fund the Global Climate Deniers. Fine upstanding American, don’t you think?

  4. This is uncontrolled capatilizm at its finest. Don’t expect to ever see any other final result of a small government.

  5. We need government entities to protect us from the greedy and unethical and we need to have the greedy and unethical pay for the protection. This means fair taxes on the rich and corporations. Go back to the days of 90% tax on billion dollar corporations and their CEOs.

  6. The decline in unionization has perfectly tracked the decline in the middle class and the relative decline in our wages. And, yes, directly tracked the increase in workplace injuries. America needs unions. Why do the Republicans hate unions?

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