8 thoughts on “Today’s Poll”

  1. The Republican politicians only represent big business. There are no bills to be found. The donut hole, tort reform,union busting,you name it, if it’s bad for the middle class, the Republican party is behind it.

  2. Study after study shows that Republicans are way below Democrats in IQ. Was there ever a doubt?

  3. The higher one gets in college, the more liberal his political views. Again, this is shown in study after study. Why do you think the Republican party is so against public education? Keep them dumb and entertained and they’ll vote Republican.

  4. It’s time someone submitted the obligatory note that there are smart people on both sides, there are dumb people on both sides, there are peaceful folks on both sides, and there are violent nuts on both sides. But, anyone taking a moment to think about it knows that what really matters are the numbers. How many smart people? How many violent people. The facts seem obvious.

  5. How do you expect to get any republican visitors and comments when you bash us all the time?

    1. I’m not bashing anyone. If what you read on blogs is wrong, jump in there and correct the lies. The other readers would actually appreciate it. As the old saying goes, “reality has a liberal bias”.

    2. By all means, everyone is welcome to post their thoughts and ideas here and if you disagree, your differing views are appreciated just a well. Now, other than disagreeing with us (if you are), please tell us if we are wrong and back it up with some facts. Remember, don’t take it personally.

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