Activist Judges

Activist Judges
David Schlecht

What are “Activist Judges” and why don’t we want them?

Plain and simple, an activist judge is a judge who is intent on furthering his or her own ideology even if it goes against the prior decisions of the court or against the constitution or against the ideals of America’s founding fathers.

Here are a couple examples of activism on the Supreme Court. The constitution says nothing about the rights of businesses or international corporations, yet over the past 80 years there have been countless cases found in favor of corporations over the rights of the people. The judges who come from a background of defending corrupt corporations are most inclined to be activists because they’ve spent their entire careers arguing for corporations.

The most obvious example of activist judges causing harm to America is the latest five right-wing fanatics on the Supreme Court who decided that corporations should be allowed to spend unlimited money to drown out the voices of We The People. This is so blatantly wrong if for no other reason that our constitution says nothing whatsoever about corporations having free speech or freedoms granted to We The People.

And, these radical judges — what party are they? They are all from the party of the corporations, not from the party of We The People. Yes, my dear readers, they are all Republicans.

Surprised? No, I guess not.