The Government

The Government
David Schlecht

This will be fun for anyone who loves America or is an American patriot. This is the first paragraph in the US Constitution:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

From this preamble, can you tell who the government is?

Obviously it’s “We the People.”

The next time you hear someone telling you how bad the government is, remember, that he is saying how bad you and I are, how bad “We the People” are. When you hear Reagan saying the nine most terrifying words are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help,” realize that he was criticising “We the People”, he was disgracing you and me and saying we are incapable of governing ourselves.

Look over the preamble again and tell me what the six reasons are for creating our American government. Can you tell what they are?

  1. Create a more perfect government
  2. Ensure justice for all
  3. Keep the peace (tranquillity)
  4. Defend each other
  5. Promote welfare for all (general welfare)
  6. Make freedom certain (liberty)

These are the six things that all of us Americans are responsible for ensuring and providing to ourselves and our neighbors.

Look back at the preamble. Looking at the capitalizations, what is the ONE purpose that is the least important?

Did you know that the one least important thing is the thing that we spend more money on than all the rest combined? Is this really what we’re supposed to be doing? We spend more on defense than all other things combined. In fact, we spend more on our non-defensive defense than all the other countries in the world, combined. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT!??

What are we Americans supposed to be doing regarding Welfare? Are we supposed to be ensuring that EVERYONE is provided for? Or should only the rich get medical care and only the owners get rich from OUR labors? No, we are all, every one of us, responsible to ensure that everyone benefits when our country prospers and even when it doesn’t. By the constitution, billionaires should not be getting rich at the expense of all the rest of us.

Look over the preamble one last time. Tell me what kind of government provides all these thing to the people? What kind of government provides for the people, all the people? If you guessed Socialist, you’re right. Our government, our country was founded on the principles of We the People uniting for the sake of benefiting everyone. That is as Socialist as you can get. All is for the benefit of society.

The next time you hear someone calling someone a socialist, remember that the socialist is the true America and those who disgrace it are disgracing America, they are disgracing our founding fathers and they are disgracing you and me, We the People.

16 thoughts on “The Government”

  1. It’s too bad but you can pretty much guarantee that anyone who hates Socialism has no idea what it means.

  2. But I thought socialism was supposed to be a bad name? You mean the Right-wing crazies are wrong? Imagine!

  3. How do you figure socialism from nothing but the preamble of the constitution? Don’t you think that’s a bit presumptuous?

  4. WOW. You silver-tongued Devil, you. I will never read a word you again – having just stumbled on your site. Egad! What in the heck did you put in your coffee, it has obviously warped your brain!

  5. Another great post! Surely those who hate and fear (the two strongest Republican emotions) socialism are those who have no idea what it is.

  6. The founding of this country surely has a socialist bent but is not the socialism you see in communism. I think that is what the right wing is conditioned to fear and loathe.

    1. This is a very important distinction. I only wish more people would try to understand this distinction. There is a Socialist economy which is communism. This is an economy where everyone shares in owning the businesses. In fact, all businesses are owned by the people via their government.

      Socialism as a governing philosophy is completely different. Most rich class marketing purposely confuses these two. Socialism as a government does not have to mean the government owns the businesses but rather that the government is geared for the benefit of society (social) rather than the few elite or the corporations.

      I guess that David’s post is referring to the Socialist approach to government, not the communistic approach to the economy. Just maybe he should have made that distinction in his thesis.

  7. So? What government isn’t intended to provide for the people? They all do. That doesn’t make them all Socialists.

    1. Thank you for the reply, Julie. Your point is exactly my point. There are some Americans who don’t want We the People uniting to provide for each other’s well being. Is it the middle class and the poor who don’t want this? No, it’s the super wealthy who are bombarding us with marketing intended to get the weak among us to vote against our best interests and against the interests of our founding fathers. And guess what! They’re succeeding.

      Every government that is not intent on making the rich and powerful more rich and powerful at the expense of the people is intended to allow the people to help each other better their lives. In other words, every government for the people is socialist. And, even more importantly, every government that is not for the betterment of We the People is intent on making the aristocracy richer and stronger and make everyone else weaker and poorer. That is the opposite of a democracy.

  8. Note that there is a difference between Socialism as a government and Socialism as an economy. A socialist government provides social services for the people. A socialist economy is one where the people own all business through their government. This is a big difference.

  9. You mean a socialistic government doesn’t have to be communistic? Who wudda thunk?

  10. Freedom does not mean you’re free to take advantage of your neighbors or your voters, it doesn’t mean you can knowingly sell a faulty product and be free from the moral requirement to redress those wrongs. Republican say they want freedom and they mean freedom from government regulations and oversight. These are not freedoms, they’re crimes.

    As Americans we need a larger, stronger government, that is paid for by the companies it needs to be regulating and over seeing.

    Either our government is for We the People or it’s for the corporations. We all know which side the Republicans are on. Which side are you on?

  11. Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful comments on this post. I wish to address Raymond’s comment and the general thrust of this post. I’ll start by saying, yes, Raymond, you’re right. To avoid the confusion I should have stated that I was referring to Democratic Socialism and not Communism. I guess I thought the readers would easily know what I was referring to but, alas, perhaps it was not so obvious.

    Governments can be divided into two camps, those for the people and those against the people. Those for the people are for society and are thus Socialist governments. Those who are trying to change America into a country for the rich and powerful are trying to create a Kleptocracy out of our Democracy.

    I know of no one who thinks We the People should be running all our businesses through our government and I am obviously not suggesting it. That would be an awful change and is not what our forefathers envisioned.

    Having said, that, it is important that We the People do run or tightly regulate certain industries through our government. As I’ve stated in previous posts, any industry that is dealing with the Commons or monopolies needs to be controlled by We the People because experience shows that we can’t rely on businesses to put the country’s interests before profits.

  12. Wow. This is a popular thread. The younger crowd isn’t quite as afraid of the term Socialism as the older crowd. The old folks went through a period in American history when communism was used as a club to scare everyone into line. It was so successful that they even put ‘UNDER GOD’ in the Pledge of Allegiance against the wishes of the country’s founding fathers.

    The younger people see Socialism in Europe working better than runaway Capitalism does in America so it’s not so scary.

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