This is Your Country

This is Your Country
David Schlecht

Do you get the feeling that we’re losing control of our country? If you paid attention to the recent Supreme Court decisions, you know that they have given corporations the rights of We the People. How twisted! Corporation personhood.

We are supposed to have three equal branches of government, but the Supreme court has decided all by themselves that it doesn’t matter what Congress wants or what the people want or even what the constitution says. They have decided that Corporations should have the same rights as you and me.

Only the worst part is they have said that money is the same a free speech and corporations can spend as much as they want to influence elections.

If corporations can spend unlimited money, then the little amount you and I invest in our representatives will be insignificant compared to the billions of dollars at the disposal of an entire industry.

How did things get so bad? How do we get it back?

The only way to solve this is to remove the personhood of corporations. We need a constitutional amendment saying that businesses are not people. How stupid is that? Why should we need such a silly clarification in our constitution? Everyone knows a business is not a person and our founding fathers didn’t make this country for We the Corporations.

But, alas, the amendment is the only way to clean up years and years of Supreme Court activism. Check out the many organizations that are working to clean up this mess. Check out Move to Amend.

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4 thoughts on “This is Your Country”

  1. Well, I second your question! How did things get so bad and how do we get off this merry-go-round?

  2. Yes! This is our country! We’re starting to see more of the majority getting involved. The poor misguided and uneducated controlled by the Republican party will always be involved. That’s what happens when you’re driven by hatred and fear. Finally, now, we’re seeing the real majority waking up and getting involved. Good for us! Now, let’s fix this mess — yet another mess the Republicans and the tea baggers have left us.

  3. The Republican and Americans all agree that we need to fix this. But, once the right-wing lie machine starts up, the Republicans will all be against restricting the power of the multinational corporations. Baa baa baa.

    Just like now all America is united in our demand that we bring the banks back under control. But just watch. In a month, the Republicans will all be against any sort of financial reform. Baa baa baa.

    They are destroying America. Morons!

  4. I’m saddened to see the lack of interest and concern for this landmark attack on our country. Where is everyone?

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