Congratulations America! Way to Go!

Congratulations America! Way to Go!
Captain Jack

Congratulations America! You have done something America has been trying to do for the past 70 years. We’ve passed Health Insurance Reform. America, YOU ROCK!

For the past 70 years, while the rest of the world has created health care systems for all their people, Republican have fought with all their might against America’s efforts at reforming our broken system. And you finally did it!

This is such an important milestone that it’s hard to even put it in perspective. One day, many decades ago, America decided we would not allow our poor and old to die on street corners. Against the cries of Socialism from the Republicans, we became a better country, a country following the course defined in our constitution and America’s forefathers. Today, we passed health care reform and it is just as momentous and has been against as much pressures and lies from the Right Wing Nutsville.

But, America, this is just the start. If we just sit back and feel good about what we did, and nothing more, then you know the followers of the hate and fear party will be out in force, trying to undo every good thing that makes this country great. We can’t let that happen.

Stay active. Feel GREAT about our wonderful first step but know that it’s just a single step in helping America recover from the damages wrought by our brothers on the Right. Stay active. Talk to your neighbors, write letters to the papers and magazine and to our representatives. Donate! And let’s set our sights on the next big success for America.

Congratulations America!