The Valdez of Our Day

The Valdez of Our Day
Captain Jack

Maybe a better title would be, “The Katrina of Today”, or maybe “Obama’s Katrina.”

The Obama administration has been involved in resolving this oil spill since the beginning but they have been doing a worthless job of keeping the American people informed.

It makes sense keeping BP involved in this cleanup effort since it’s their disaster and America doesn’t own off shore oil rigging equipment. Still, we need to know what is going on. It is now obvious to everyone that BP has been lying to us about the scope of the disaster. Has Obama been involved in this deception or just victim to it, but either way, it’s wrong. We need to put as much effort into this as we can.

It was a good move on our part to forbid BP from continuing to pump toxic dispersants into the waters, after how many hundreds of thousands of gallons were injected. And, why are we (and BP) pumping dispersants into the water? Is this to aid with the clean up? Doubtful.

Hey Obama, be careful what you are doing here. If you try to keep this disaster secret, you will make this a disaster worse than Bush’s handling of Katrina.

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  1. Hey, Republicans. This is how a patriot acts. You question your president and expect him to adhere to a higher standard and criticise him when he fails. Those who silently support your leader and call opponents unpatriotic are just creating another Hitler. Oh, and don’t criticise everything just because you didn’t vote for him. Someone who has nothing good to say has no right to say anything bad either.

  2. This mess just keeps getting worse and worse. I’m glad Obama got on the teevee today to explain to us who is in charge. Still. What a mess.

  3. No one can still argue that we haven’t hit peak oil by now. It is as plain as the nose on our faces that we are having to drill deeper and riskier and more expensive wells with each passing year. If we hadn’t already hit the high point, we would still be drilling the easy oil.

    You think the BP disaster (and related crimes) was a catastrophe! Wait until you see the next one, and the next one, and the one after that.

    We will have to get off oil sooner or later. Isn’t it time right now? Isn’t it already too expensive?

  4. Drill Baby Drill! Why don’t we hear this stuff any more? We all know the retards haven’t gone away, they’re just being quiet right now, waiting for us to forget about this disaster so they can bring us another. They should be out in the press apologizing daily for bringing us this disaster. They should be admitting they were wrong, stupid, ignorant, biased, shallow…

  5. No, obviously not Obama’s Katrina. Obama has been involved in trying to get this thing solved since day one. He should have made it obvious from day one so the Republicans wouldn’t get any traction on their latest lies about Obama not being involved. But he has been involved.

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