United We Stand

United We Stand
Captain Jack

United We Stand

Do you remember the solidarity America felt after we were attacked on 9/11? The whole country came together. The sitting president had one of the worst approval ratings and most of America knew we were attacked because of his failings, but we all stood together. UNITED WE STOOD.

Katrina came along and the same sitting president continued to sit while New Orleans drowned. Four days of people dying and Americans were united in our efforts to address the problems. We all knew that the sitting president had been appointed by a coup of the Supreme Court, but we all united to address the problems rather than attacking the utter failure of a president.

Compare that with today. We have one of the best presidents America has seen in decades. Just look at the long long list of wonderful accomplishments, not to mention digging our economy out of the Republican Second Great Depression.

But all the Republicans can do is complain that he isn’t addressing the economy (until they’re proven to be liars) or complaining about how he isn’t enough involved in the oil spill (until they are proven to be wrong yet again) or complaining about how Obama must be unfit to be president because he was born in Kenya (and these lies have been exposed time after time).

Do you see any sort of contrast? A Republican president bringing destruction upon America and we are still all united to solve our difficulties. A Democratic president comes along and the Republican will do anything, even bringing disaster to our country to try to bring him down.

Sick. Just real sick. How about if we all tried a little “United We Stand”?