Brian Sandoval for Nevada Governor

Brian Sandoval for Nevada Governor
David Schlecht

There’s really no doubt about it. Nevada voters make no sense. I don’t want to say they’re stupid or foolish or trailer trash. I’ll leave that to the rest of the country to marvel at. But, in one breath, I’m elated that Nevada realized the foolish mistake they made when they elected Gibbons as governor and dumped him, but the Republicans elected Sandoval to replace him. Is anyone awake in the Republican party in Nevada? Have the zombies eaten all your brains?

Take 30 seconds some day and compare Sandoval’s platform with Gibbons. They’re identical. So, why reject Gibbons and replace him with another Gibbons? If you are finding that the Republican policies are destroying not only the state but the entire nation, why dump the politicians but instead dump the failing policies?

Why vote for a new man with the same failed ideals?

I don’t expect a lot from Nevada Republicans but I have to admit, even this perplexes me. If you’re going to vote in someone with the same failed ideals, at least keep the fool in office that has the most experience with the failures. Why elect a new failure just to be asking the same old questions in four years. Are we any better off than we were four years ago?

Well, not with the same failed policies we won’t be.

Admit it. The Republican policies are failing Nevada and the country.