Obama’s Big Deficit

Obama’s Big Deficit
Captain Jack

I’ve heard one person after another explaining how Obama’s deficit is the biggest in history. I though I would look into this claim a little and see what I can find. Here’s is a quick graph from OffTheChartsBlog to show what the major contributors are to the deficit.

US Deficit
US Deficit

Take a look at the white area of the graph at the bottom. You see the small sliver of white? That is what the deficit would look like without the Bush years. In other words, take away the economic collapse Bush ushered in, take away the Bush tax cuts for billionaires, take away Bush’s misguided wars and what you have left is the small area at the bottom.

Of course, the TARP money is from the Bush years if you remember. TARP was already passed before Obama took office.

So, please, do yourself a favor and get in the habit of questioning the numbers and fears you hear spread by the right wing lie machine. It’s sole purpose is to take advantage of the uninformed. Don’t be one of them.

8 thoughts on “Obama’s Big Deficit”

  1. Ya, sure, it’s all Bush’s fault. But Obama has been in office long enough to use executive orders to stop the tax cuts, wind down the wars and create some jobs. I realize the republicans have been opposing him on everything but really, couldn’t he have done more by now? If he doesn’t do something about all these things soon, he will be the rightful owner of the mess.

  2. Obama even gave more tax breaks to the rich in his version of the stimulus. Welfare for the wealthy is one of the primary causes of this mess and he just continues to follow the failed conservative policies of the past three decades.

  3. The rich get richer and the middle class picks up the tab. When will people get out in the streets and start raising hell?

  4. The republicans don’t lie about everything. I once knew one who actually believed the lies but didn’t spread them once informed of the facts. Still, the republican lie machine, as you call it, is an obvious force in today’s politics.

  5. Ha! When I opened up this blog page I was hit with a skyscraper ad from Sharron Angle saying she’ll “fight for EVERY JOB”. She criticized Reid for supporting the jobs bills and then lies about how she would fight for Americans. What a stinking liar.

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