When Will They Ever Admit?

When Will They Ever Admit?
Captain Jack

To anyone not totally mesmerized by the right-wing media, it is obvious that the conservative policies of smaller government (no regulations), welfare for the rich, and free trade are destroying America. How could anyone really argue otherwise?

The conservatives were arguing non-stop about how global warming was a myth made up by the liberal commie hippies.

Now, here we are at a point where it is plain as day the folly of the conservative policies, yet they continue to preach the failed policies and their fooled followers just continue to follow along, unthinking.

When will the liars or the uneducated conservative followers ever admit they are wrong? When? Exactly what will it take before they admit they’re wrong?

If my conservative friends are any example there is no fact that will ever convince them that they are wrong. They even admit that. So why do we continue to bother to try to help them understand the facts? It’s time we left them for brain dead and moved on with the solutions to the past 30 years of failed conservative policies. They will never be able to help.