The Folly of Extending Unemployment Benefits

The Folly of Extending Unemployment Benefits
Captain Jack

No, I’m not another one of those brain dead conservatives that think the best cure for high unemployment numbers is to let them starve to death. No, Sharron Angle, they’re not unemployed because they like starving. But, just extending unemployment benefits is more harmful than beneficial. Let me explain.

During the Republican Great Depression of the 1930s, many people were unemployed for so long that they became unemployable. There’s only so many years you can unsuccessfully apply for work in your profession before you quit trying. Sure, many of them tried alternative professions, such as selling apples or pencils on the street corners. But there’s not a big demand for menial labor like that.

So, what did all those people do back in those days? You guessed it, the same thing they’ll end up doing this time if we don’t fix the unemployment issue right away. They became chronically homeless. Do you remember the large number of homeless that were referred to as Hobos? Yes, a large number of people learned to live off the streets and off the land. None of them ever got assimilated back into society.

Giving people extended unemployment benefits doesn’t keep them employable. It makes them dependent on the benefits. The only long term solution to unemployment is more jobs. For every dollar spent on unemployment benefits, we need two dollars in jobs programs. The only way to keep the people employable is to keep them employed. That means jobs programs.

Too bad the republicans are killing every attempt at building jobs programs. The republican senators do not want to fix the economy, they want to benefit from it by stretching it out as long as they can. Just look at all the jobs programs that the republicans have voted against. It’s sickening, yet few republican voters realize it.

We need a whole lot more jobs programs and we need them immediately. Extending unemployment benefits without jobs will only make matters worse.

6 thoughts on “The Folly of Extending Unemployment Benefits”

  1. Very true. We need jobs now, but we can’t just let people lose their homes and their lives. We need to extend the unemployment benefits until this mess is cleaned up.

  2. I agree. We need jobs bills and we need them yesterday. Still, though, I think that some of the hobos got assimilated back into society, even if it was a small percentage.

  3. She’s a pathetic liar! When I opened up this blog page I was hit with a skyscraper ad from Sharron Angle saying she’ll “fight for EVERY JOB”. She criticized Reid for supporting the jobs bills and then lies about how she would fight for Americans. What a stinking liar.

  4. It’s like the republicans never learned a thing from the last depression their policies caused. Why does America allow those idiots to take office? Americans need to start voting or the ignorant minority will destroy them.

  5. There is so much wrong with our economy (yes, 30 years of conservative policies) that just borrowing money for a jobs program isn’t going to fix anything.

    Let ME explain.

    Putting money in the pockets of government jobs employees will feed them and will help pay taxes and may help a few local restaurants, but the rest of their paychecks will go to buying products, yes, products made in China. A jobs program will mostly stimulate China’s economy. Before we spend money on jobs bills, we need to get rid of the failed republican programs like free trade, greed is good, world is flat, get the government’s heel off the throat of multinational corporations… you know, the whole list of craziness.

    We have to go back to taxing the rich, protecting our industries, shutting down the H1B visa programs, no free trade, and start regulating the life out of the financial institutions that got us in this mess and have taken over our government.

    Only then will a jobs program produce any lasting benefit.

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