More Important Than The President

More Important Than The President
Captain Jack

The US government is made up of three separate branches, the president, congress, and the supreme court. The system is supposed to be made up of checks and balances. The primary control was to be the Congress. They have the purse strings and can decide to fund or starve any programs defined by the courts (which should never happen but don’t be surprised) or by the president. That’s a whole lot of power.

Originally, the president was to have very little power. Over time, though, the presidents have been taking more and more power to themselves. GW Bush was the closest we’ve come to a “unitary executive”, or dictator, as Bush would call it.

Still, the courts and Congress have the power to limit the over-reaches of the president. However, the Supreme Court has taken powers to itself that the other branches are unable to easily check and balance. The Supreme Court was not originally intended to be the final word in the land but it says it is and the rest of the country, representatives and voters alike, just ignore the power grab.

Never was it intended by our forefathers that the Supreme Court would be able to make stuff up like it does today. A simple case in point is the Citizen’s United VS the FEC case where the Supreme Court said corporations have the right to flood, absolutely monopolize the media with lies to corrupt elections. Think about that for a moment. Corporations can silence all of us by spending billions of dollars to flood the airwaves so the average multi-millionaire politician is unable to get his word out. Yes, that’s what the Supreme Court has decided.

Absolutely nowhere in the constitution will you find the word “corporation”. In other words, “we the people” are given all the rights except those noted in the constitution and corporations were to have none other than those provided by the individual states.

The premise of our country was “one man one vote” and “one man one voice”. Now, the Supreme Court has decided a case that is contrary to everything the constitution is about and there is nothing within reason that the president and Congress can do. The only solution to this is to either impeach the corrupt (yes, republican) Supreme Court judges or amend the constitution. This case was decided on a purely party line split with the republicans selling you and me down the river.

There have been many many thousands of constitutional amendments proposed but only a very few ever passed. Amending the constitution in an emergency is impossible. Even passing new laws to try to limit the damage caused by the republicans is unlikely to succeed because the court can just take the case and judge it unconstitutional to try to circumvent their damage.

In other words, the Supreme Court has become the dictators of the land and with the absolutely crazy activist republican judges showing nothing but contempt for the constitution and for we the people, our only reasonable choice is to impeach them. It is time to impeach the republican Supreme Court judges, which Congress can do immediately and clean up this mess. Then, given time, we can amend the constitution to say something like, any Supreme Court judge who is found to be as stupid and un-American as these will be drawn and quartered immediately. And, while we’re at it, we can pass an amendment which says, DUH, corporations aren’t people and don’t get rights of people. Well, obviously, we’ll have to clean up the court before we can even consider any other alternatives.

This is an emergency. With each election that we pass following the new court-defined laws, the less control you and I will have over our representatives. Call your representatives today and call the president today and say you want the justices impeached.

Stop The Greed

Stop The Greed

I got a plea from Senator John Cornyn today. Here’s what he has to say:

If the Democrats have their way, very soon our taxes will be going up.

They have been very busy in Washington spending your money on their radical liberal agenda. They have been financing these bloated government takeovers and spending programs by borrowing money from your children. We now have a more than $13 trillion national debt which is growing by an average of $6.534 billion per day. The American people have become outraged at this reckless and irresponsible path, and rather than dealing with their outrageous spending habits, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are going to try to pay for their agenda by taxing you.

In 2001 and 2003, Republicans passed into law the largest tax cut in American history, and lowered taxes for all Americans. But that tax relief is set to expire very soon, and the Democrats have no intention extending them. They want to raise your taxes in the middle of the biggest economic downturn in generations. And this isn’t just any tax hike, we are talking about a $3 trillion tax hike.

If you are single and make $30,000 a year, expect to see your taxes rise by $426. If you make $50,000, you will owe an additional $602. The expiration of this tax relief will mean less hiring by small business, a 50% cut in the child tax credit, a return of the marriage penalty and a 164% hike in the tax on dividends. What do you think this will mean for our economic recovery?

Don’t let them get away with it. Go to [some website], and sign our petition to tell the Democrats not to raise our taxes. Tell Congress you want them to extend the tax cuts before they expire at the end of this year.


Senator John Cornyn
Chairman, NRSC

Honestly, John, don’t you feel any shame? Talk about greedy and shelfish. It’s about time you millionaires and billionaires started paying your fair share again. The American people WILL NOT ask Congress to extend your selfish tax cuts. America is paying the lowest taxes we have paid in centuries and our government is going broke while you millionaires and billionaires bring home more and more money. The disparity between the ultra rich and the rest of America is the worst it has been, ever! And, you want it to continue. You want more tax breaks for the rich while the country and the middle class disappear.

Honestly, John, isn’t it time you started paying your fair share? Isn’t it time we brought this country back to the prosperity we had before the conservatives like you started telling us that greed was good and that some day, even we may be millionaires if we just gave more money to the richest in America.

I’m sick of the lies and I’m sick of the greed and I’m sick of the rich taking advantage of us. Pay your taxes John and quit asking me to help you with your selfish quest to avoid paying your fair share. The rich are not paying their share and you want me to help continue the mistake? What do you take me and the rest of Americans for? Fools? No more!

Honestly, John. Should you really be in Congress? You don’t represent America. You should be ashamed!