What is Wrong With Nevada?

What is Wrong With Nevada?
David Schlecht

Nevada has been voting for republican governors for over a decade and during that decade Nevada has lost ground in so many ways it’s hard to keep count. But, let’s give it a try.

Nevada has become one of the lowest paid states in the union. Nevada has become one of the lowest in union membership. Nevada has become one of the least educated with the country’s worst schools and the highest dropout rates. Nevada has become the country’s leader in home foreclosures. Nevada has become the most unemployed and the longest unemployed. There are more things Nevada is leading on but this list should be long enough for anyone to realize we’re in trouble here in Nevada.

Nevada was not in this bad condition before the last 10 years of republican governors. All the ills defined above can be directly attributed to republican policies. The rest of the country has suffered from the past 30 years of failed conservative policies like free trade (brought to us in part by a democratic president, Clinton), smaller government, union busting, attacks on the minimum wage and other social safety nets like welfare and unemployment, higher taxes on the middle class and lower taxes on the rich. Nevada has been a proving ground for conservative policies for the past 10 years and look what has happened to Nevada.

You can be sure you’ll hear the same foolish argument by the conservatives about how it would all have worked perfectly if we had just pushed through these failed policies harder and faster. But, nobody is really believing this stuff anymore.

So why, then, is Nevada still voting for republican Governors? Isn’t it time we all came to our senses and said republican policies don’t work and ejected the republicans causing this disaster?