Some Times

Some Times
David Schlecht

Some times I get so frustrated with Republicans and Conservatives and Libertarians when they don’t put any effort into understanding more than one side of an issue.

How will we ever fix this country until we can come together and Obama and the Democrats have been trying relentlessly to work together and the Republicans have done nothing but try to derail any hope of recovery just for political gain.

The Republican Party has done such a good job of convincing their unthinking followers that anyone who disagrees with them is the enemy. No, I’m not calling all Republicans unthinking, I’m saying only the unthinking ones think everyone else is the enemy.

Honestly, if we can’t come together to fix this mess that both parties have bestowed on us, how will we ever get out of it? We need to agree on what has caused this mess in order to fix it and stop it from happening again. We Americans have come together and fixed it before the last time this happened. But coming together this time is more of an effort since half (arguably the majority) of America is now painted as the enemy.

I talk with many of my conservative friends and family and it’s like talking to someone in a foreign language at times. I honestly try to understand and find items of mutual agreement but all they seem to be looking for is an argument. It’s not about coming together.

How can we help heal this country while half of us are calling the other half names?